Favourite 4 FSN Servants with Jacob from Side Of Fiction

Had fun listing out 4 favourite servants from fate stay night

Fate is one of those series, that can be really hard to get in to. Namely due to where you have to start, as most aren’t sure which is the entry point with all these fate shows (psst…its fate stay night).

So, you’d be pleased to know, myself and my very special and awesome guest Jacob (Friendly Overlord), from side of fiction and is a fellow fate stay night fan, has agreed to do this post with me. I’m very happy to have him on here. I’ll be leaving all his social links, do check them out and give him a follow.

Jacob (Friendly Overlord)

Nice to be asked here, Roki. I’m a huge FSN fan, so can’t wait to do this with you!!

Assassin – Sasaki Koujirou

Assassin - Sasaki Koujirou

Despite not really having that much of an important role and getting shafted pretty hard in most adaptation and routes, I’ve always really liked Koujirou a lot as a servant, mostly for the concept of what he is. Unlike most servants, who are grounded in reality, his identity is fictitious, making his entire existence even stranger than the idea of servants themselves, so I’ve always liked him for that.

Berserker – Heracles

Berserker - Heracles

I like the concept of Berserker class servants quite a bit. This idea that you take an existing being, buff them, and basically make them unrecognizable is really cool. Heracles is interesting in that the story manages to make him absolutely terrifying, being the first time, you can die in the VN, I believe, and a pretty much constant threat through all the routes, but also manages to make you almost feel for him when you see his relationship with Illya. He’s an enigma of a servant, really, and I like him a lot for that.

Saber – Artoria Pendragon

Saber - Artoria Pendragon

Of course, like many people, I do love Artoria a lot. She would be my favorite by a pretty large margin if the next servant didn’t exist. What’s great about every route in F/SN is that every girl Shirou is with reveals more about his personality and lets you into the unhealthy mind he has. Artoria is probably the “correct” choice for him if there was one. In a lot of ways, she’s a reflection of Shirou. They’re both stubborn. They both refuse to quit, even at the cost of their own health, and they would both do anything to accomplish their goals, again, even if it destroys them because at the end of the day, they both don’t value their lives very highly, nor do they know how to enjoy them in the first place. They’re two sides of the same unhealthy, messed up coin, and together they manage to repair themselves, if only slightly. Also, I mean, c’mon, she’s a badass.

Archer – Emiya Shirou

Archer - Emiya Shirou

The only servant I would ever consider to be my favorite is Archer, and I’m not talking about Gilgamesh. A large reason I like F/SN comes down to my loving Shirou as a character. I love that each route reveals a bit more of a look into him, and I love how each character he interacts with challenges him in different ways. That’s why there’s really no other character that’s better for him to butt heads with other than himself. Shirou is his own biggest enemy in every way, whether that’s referring to quite literally himself or Emiya. On a story note, I’ve always thought the reveal of Archer’s identity was really good. It was subtle, but not so subtle you couldn’t pick up on it normally if you really paid attention. There are more than enough hints to figure it out, but the concept of Emiya, again, makes you think about what servants are and can be in a whole different way. But on a personal note, I relate to Shirou’s struggle with Archer a lot.
I’m also incredibly stubborn, and I feel like even being shown undeniable proof from my future self that my goals were meaningless in the end, much like Shirou, I would tell him to screw off and forge ahead with blind faith and determination, so for all these reasons, I really can’t help but love Archer.


Glad you joined in on the fun Jacob, I really like your pics of servants. For those reading, there might be a pick of the same servants, with different reasoning though.

Archer – Emiya Shirou

Unlimited blade works

I did a post on his chant not too long ago. I highly recommend reading it. I agree with a lot of what Jacob said about Archer. I’m too like Archer, blindly forging ahead even though what could be a lost cause, I stubbornly refuse to give up on something, even if reality erodes away the image, I hold of it. Seeing your ideals, being eroded away by realism, its hard at times. And yeah, butting heads with myself is something I sometimes do. So yeah, that’s why Archer is my favourite FSN character.

Rider – Medusa

Rider - Medusa

Oh boy, Rider doesn’t get much love in the first and barely any in the second route. However, she shines in the last route. And this where we find out a bit more about her and who her “master” is. We do get some hints as to who she might be in the first route. During the rooftop scene, where Sabre and Rider square off for the final time, where she calls upon Pegasus. For those who are aware of the myth, some versions state Pegasus sprouted from the head of the gorgon Medusa. Whilst the bridle Rider used, is also from another myth that is connected to Pegasus. Connecting together who she is. Also, just before her defeat in the first route you see her eyes, another give-away.

Caster – Medea

Caster - Medea

Now this is a bit of a fun one, with Jacob liking Sasaki Koujirou, and now you have me liking his master. I always felt sorry for Caster. Her backstory is tragic. She gets used then dumped by the men in her life and then again when she is chosen to be a servant. We see how she was treated by her original master in the second route adaptation, whilst it is briefly mentioned in the first. Sure, she is the main villain in both routes. Ironically, she gets treated better by a man who is indifferent to her and the grail war. Comically, she drives off with him in carnival phantasm as newlyweds.

Lancer – Cú Chulainn

Lancer - Cú Chulainn

Poor lancer, he always gets the rough end of the stick. Even if he does come off as a douche, he has a sense of loyalty and duty, like in UBW, he protects Rin from harm, even though she isn’t his master. I do like his spearman ship, the way he wields it is just awesome. The prickly or even animosity between lancer and archer (Emiya) comes from the fact lancer is the one that stabbed him. Which I find interesting, as in a way archer sees lancer as his long-time rival. I don’t count Gilgamesh as archer’s rival.

And there you have it, our favourite 4 Fate Stay Night servants. Do check out Jacob’s awesome blog and his other links, he’s a very cool guy who enjoys interacting with peeps 😀.

Do check out the previous post I did with the very lovely Mia on Shonen leads

Now you know what is ours, now I’d like to know what are your favourite servants, it doesn’t have to be from Fate/Stay Night. Pop them down in the comment section.

I’ll see you peeps on the next one!

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