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Which spring openings caught my attention

Picking out some of the anime spring openings of 2022 that I really enjoyed listening too

Anime spring shows opening of 2022

With spring shows at an end, and with summer shows just around the corner. I took a casual look-see on my youtube playlist, like I usually do to check out the opening tunes for the spring shows that I enjoyed watching. And I definitely had Pellek’s song on repeat, that one I really enjoyed listening to.

Anyway, smack that play button and have an ear-gasm

Aa, Waga Roman no Michi Yo (Ah, my romantic road)

Congrats to PelleK, 9 yrs of cover songs and he finally gets to do an original song. Also, PONTA AND WAIFU ARIANE!. Whenever I’m listen to this is, I find my foot tapping as if I’m hitting a kick drum, my left finger and right finger hitting the invisible snare and crash hat in sync with each other, then smacking the floor tom with oomph! ROCK ON! \m/, er.. yeah, I tried out the electronic drums around 2012 xDD.

Chitty Chitty (CIKI CIKI) Bang Bang

I’m not in to musicals, but good lord this is one of THE catchiest, sorry a BANGER of a song and I LOVE IT!. Also, ya boy kongming, is seriously one of the biggest hidden gems of the spring line up.

Venus Line

Venus line took a little bit to get in to, yet when I listened to it a bit more, I found myself singing the main line “Venus line”. Venus’s line is a catchy, jazzy track that I found myself enjoying. I’m also doing epi scribbles on it.

Honourable mention

Bring Back

Oh boy, high hopes for shield hero, 1-6 epi were a let-down, besides Ost Hourai being waifu material. What really sold the first season of shield hero is Rise. You could feel the anger and motivation of Naofumi. This opening, not feeling it at all. Don’t get me wrong, madkid did a great job, just not feeling it.

I know it’s a small selection of openings, I haven’t really watched any other shows as of late. Never the less, I probably be picking one or two shows from spring at a later date.

Anyway, those are just my picks, what are your picks for this seasons OP. Which OP did you enjoy listening to?, do you have it on repeat?. Let me know in the comment section.

5 replies on “Which spring openings caught my attention”

The only one that I haven’t heard is the one from the Golf series. I think for this season, there are more good ED songs than OP songs.
For Tate no Yuusha, I feel like the OP song and visual were pretty messy (a little different from the usual song structure).

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Out of those, the only one I know is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and yeah, it’s damn good. The song is freaking amazing by itself, but the visuals also hold their own strongly. For me, definitely the best op of the year so far. About the series itself, the final arc kinda dropped the ball for me. Still was enjoyable for what it was in the beginning, though.

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I’m still watching ya boy, but agree 1000% that song is a banger. If you haven’t heard of the you-tuber Pellek, he has been doing anime cover songs for years. Pretty fluent in Japanese as well.

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