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Birdie Wing Epi 1: Good intro to Eve

Kicking off my new focus on anime sports shows. I’ve picked up a golf series, that seems quite interesting. Birdie Wing; A golf girls story introduced one of our main protagonist; Eve

I’ve never been in to golf, much less even know anything about it, like the rules, the type of club you use for each hole etc. I only know the method on how to hit the ball, since I was partially taught it at school. Also, yes covering birdie wing really late, 11 epi (as of writing this post) is already out.

Such composure from Aoi

When I first heard the name Nafrece, it sounded like it was some made up country name. Then after looking it up (surprisingly, this name crops up in Madlax), the name is actually an anagram for … wait for it …. … … France. I’m not even entirely sure why birdie wing can’t say France. It is what it is. How the show starts, I found it interesting. A good female golfer named Chris Christina, who seems to be making a comeback of sorts, making it to the top 4. That’s not the interesting part, the interesting part is a double, or rather someone impersonating the pro golfer Chris Christina (due to Chris having an injury), and that person turns out to be a blonde beauty and the shows deuteragonist; Eve.

Birdie Wing; A golf girl's story - pic 1
The blonde beauty herself, Eve

I’m impressed by Eve’s skill. She seems to be at a pros level aka a prodigy, evident from just that small scene of her golfing. I’m also given some background info on her. It turns out she lives in the poor urban parts of Nafrece and it appears she is an orphan. I say, there are some brats she looks after with two other side characters, neither one looks related. I don’t think Eve is an official player for any major tournaments. Considering she gets these “requests” at odd times for her to play, that statement transitions in to someone called Kevin requesting her for a match of sorts. There’s this golf player called, and I kid you not CC, yes CC from code geass has made an appearance in a golf anime!! … no seriously it’s just some character.

Birdie Wing; A golf girl's story - pic 2
Such strike!!!
Birdie Wing; A golf girl's story - pic 3
Yes, birdie wing is good stuff

And I get to see the first major golf action. And I’m right in saying Eve is a prodigy. She hit the ball with such power, accuracy, it cleared a moving train with a small gap with ease. I did get a little back story as well. There is an analogy as to how she plays; it’s like a gun. Also, she has a nickname, the rainbow bullet. When she strikes the ball, the move is called blue bullet. It’s pretty cool looking, even though all the balls in birdie wing are CGI, like the little wing motif on her golf ball though. And yeah, Eve figured out who this “CC” is. Switching over, a character was introduced right at the beginning. She seemed to play some significance; well her name is Aio Amawashi. And from the looks of it, she is a prodigious golfer who is a rival to Eve.

I’ve taken a lot more screencaps of the show, which aren’t included, however you can see over at my Pinterest. They are organised in to their respective episode boards. Whether you read my epi scribble or just want to check out the extra screencaps that isn’t in my post, hope you enjoy.

Birdie Wing; A golf girl's story - pic 4
Look at that wonderful smile from Aoi
Birdie Wing; A golf girl's story - pic 5
Of course, Eve is your opponent

Birdie Wing did a good job of introducing Eve

I’m going to just say, birdie wing -golf girls’ story- is a little bit odd, it uses some fictional currency called Eurus, the hell is Eurus, do they mean Euros? why is it that they can stick Japan in there and yet make some random ass country name and currency, makes no sense. Anyway, I like Eve, birdie wing did a good job of introducing her, I mean she has spunk to her, not to mention an excellent golfer, gave appealing back story, did things right IMO. Her dress sense, well you can say she has “sexed” up golf in comparison to other characters dress sense. Some aspects of the matches are CGI that can be off put-ting (heh, bad pun). In all, I enjoyed the episode.

Birdie Wing; A golf girl's story - pic 6
No need to compare err… sizes Eve
Birdie Wing; A golf girl's story - pic 7
Not on your life!!!
Birdie Wing; A golf girl's story - pic 8
Birdie Wing; A golf girl's story - pic 9
No, I don’t!!

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6 replies on “Birdie Wing Epi 1: Good intro to Eve”

I never checked this out. I also know nothing about golf (but that’s never stopped anyone from checking a sports anime, lol) and Eve does seem interesting. I guess I simply wasn’t up to give it a chance (I didn’t really like its vibe – not really my thing, I guess) but based on your review, I might give it a chance! The gap between spring and summer needs a filler, after all. Great Review 🙂

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I don’t know much golf either xDD, I semi remember on how to hit it, that’s as far as I know. Eve is an interesting character, she was able to deduce who CC is, and still wipe the floor with Kevin xDD. Give it a chance, I know many weren’t ready to, and were surprised by it. Thanks Haru!! :D, I’ll be checking out your Ao Ashi epi review when I get the chance too!!.

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