A little update on things

On this blog update I go over a direction change on what anime I’ll be covering from now on, getting inspiration on a new retro videogame post format

I haven’t done this in a good while, and I won’t waste too much time with things.

*UPDATE: After further contemplation, I’ll be putting inaugural watches on hiatus, I do have something else in mind to make up for it.

Episodic reviews and specialising

For years I’ve always covered episode reviews whether it is on here or over at my old blog. Most of the time they were seasonal shows, one where quite a few other bloggers would pick the same show as I, like for instance say lost village (yes that anime sucked ass), believe it or not, you are competing with other bloggers for people’s attention. It can get crowed in a sea of bloggers covering the same shows. It can be hard to make your blog or voice be heard, as it is being drowned out – this is pretty much known. So, you’re probably thinking “what am I getting at”. For a long while now, I’ve been thinking of actually specialising, as some who pass by my blog will know I cover the Ace of Diamond series, a sport which I know nothing about, yet enjoy watching it.

Looking back at my own past, as a kid I used to play some sports, then it hit me – why don’t I cover sports shows specifically. Not many bloggers or any far as I know, specialise in sport coverage. Sure, it will be a niche area. I don’t mind it though, looking at some of the shows airing this season and last, there were a few sports shows that went unnoticed.

So, where does this leave the faraway paladin? I actually wanted faraway paladin to be the swan song, before the transition to being a sports epi reviewer. However, I haven’t made any progress on either front – that being the series and reviewing it. I’m no stranger in dropping series I have picked up, covered (partially) then stopped. Not surprising then that, I won’t be covering paladin any further.

*I’ll still be doing inaugural watches. What’s this game section is lacking, so I’ll try to do some more games, also I got inspired by watching Projared’s Now in the 90’s vids. I have an idea as to how I want the format to be and it will take inspiration from Jareds vid.

Quick tip to anime (or tv) episode reviewers

If you’re an anime or tv epi reviewer, this little app is such a life saver. I highly suggest in using ShareX. ShareX is used extensively by Irina over at I drink and watch anime for a few years. I came across this app not too long ago, however was unaware of a certain function that Irina has been using. I’m talking about the auto screen capture function. This handy little feature will take screen shots automatically, without having to do it manually. There’s a bit more to it, don’t want to confuse people though. Even if you don’t take as much screen shots, it has another feature where you can upload directly to several sites, like imgur etc.

So yeah, that about covers it

Thanks for reading folks, leave a comment down below and I’ll catch you on the next post!

2 replies on “A little update on things”

Going for a niche sounds like an interesting idea. Sports is a nice shot… a good portion of the anime community takes interest in those (plus there’s always more than one airing at every single season).

And that app you shared is truly a live saver. Thanks for the tip!

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Thanks for commenting, Otaku!! yeah there’s always more than one, the problem is which to pick, spoilt for choice xDD. Glad it will help, just make sure you have enough HDD space!! xDD

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