Fav 4 Anime or Videogame Fighters

On my favourite 4, I look at some of the fighters that I’ve taken a shine too. Whether they’re weapon wielding, magic wielding or a martial artist. These characters are picked from anime or videogames

Right, this fav 4 post is going to be broader in scope, as it is covering anime or videogame fighter characters, whether they’re weapon wielding, magic wielders or martial artists – skies the limit. I’ll be picking any characters from either medium.

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Right so that’s out of the way here are my 4 fighter characters

Ky Kiske (Guilty Gear series)

Be just or be dead, that is the holy orders

Ky Kiske is from the rock inspired 2D fighting series Guilty Gear. I see myself on the same wave length as Ky, simply because of his ethics and morals, granted throughout the series he loosened up and saw more grey areas, without judging too harshly. He started off as bit religious, however, I think that became less of a thing as the series went on. His signature move is called “ride the lightning”, which is quite nice to shout out now and again. He has a rival called Sol Badguy (who also ironically becomes his father-in-law). Now, if you’re a bit of a rock fan, you might recognise these names. If you haven’t or aren’t. Essentially the names in the game are amalgamations of actual rock singers’ names, songs, or albums. Bonus:

Seong Mi-na (Soul Calibur series)

Ain’t Seong mi-na just sexy

Going from 2D to 3D next. Seong Mi-na is one of my fav characters from the soul calibur series. Soul Calibur is probably known for the female characters being somewhat scantily clad. And as the screen cap shows, Seong mi-na is no exception. I find Seong mi-na as a playable character, not that hard to play with. I like her style as it doesn’t require me to be too up close, I can play more cautiously with her, since scarlet thunder weapon (guan do or halberd) can be used fairly at range. And I do think Seong Mi-na is cute, don’t judge!.

Natsu (Fairy Tail series)


Well, I don’t have say too much on this. Natsu is my fav fighter, unlike other wizards in the FT universe, Natsu is the only one that is more of a brawler / semi martial artist type, as he combines punches and kicks more often than using his fire dragon’s roar. Also, the power of nakama is what gets him through most of his fights…and eating other flames.

Momo Hinamori (Bleach series)

Poor Momo 😦

For this one, hard pressed since I was thinking of putting Tia Harribel, however, I’m thinking of making a specific fav bleach character post at some point in the future. Yeah, you read that correctly Momo. Before Tia, Momo is the character that I actually had a soft spot for. I felt really bad for her when she had her mental break down and being in denial over Ainz’s betrayal. Through-out the soul society invasion arc, glimpses of Momo’s capabilities are put on show and she is a very competent swordswoman. I mean she is a lieutenant after all. Sure, she isn’t the strongest in terms of swordsmanship, her kido on the other hand is above exceptional.

And there you have it, now for the tagged ones

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