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I found Shaman King 2021 satisfying

Satisfying reboot, I say.

Reboots are very uncommon or even rare in the anime world. So, much to my surprise (and many others), a year or so ago, Shaman King got rebooted.

It’s been 20 or so years since the original series got aired, I’ve never seen the original, so I’m going in completely blind watching Shaman King 2021 reboot.

Interesting start to epi 1 of shaman king

Shaman King 2021 - episode 1
Huge gob Manta

Pretty interesting start. And what a way to introduce the main antagonist, early too. Not only that, having a twin protagonist to be the anthesis of the antagonist. Yoh, the protag is okay as a lead, the typical loner, yet laid back whilst sticking up for his friends. Manta, is this really short boy, it can be a little jarring seeing this really small kid to the other characters height who just tower over him. However, I didn’t mind it as much, once the first episode went along. So, shamans are spiritual mediums that can take on any spirit, in doing so they obtain skills that spirit has should they wish to use. Amidamaru is the spirit companion or “ghost guardian” of Yoh. A 600-year-old powerful samurai. Clearly there is going to be lot going on this series, hence why I felt a lot of the info were withheld. I like what I’ve seen, so I’ll continue.

Rival has cometh in epi 2 of shaman king

Ren Shaman king 2021
A new rival has appeared

Well, it didn’t take too long for the potential rival to come. Ren is his name and his guardian ghost is called Bason. The battle between the two of them wasn’t that bad, has potential. I like the system where two souls cannot coincide with each other; one has to be the lead or be the “dominant” soul as Ren says. I’m guessing that’s what’s going to happen, Amidamaru will follow Yoh’s lead in future battles. Ren like any typical Shonen series rival is cold, aloof, logical. Not too surprising that he got the upper hand over Yoh initially, naturally the power of nakama kicked in and Yoh bested Ren. Not bad overall, the little twist at the end didn’t see that one coming.

Jun is the waifu, not Anna in epi 3 of shaman king

Anna - shaman king 2021
Don’t mess with Yohs’ future wife!

This episode surprised me and turned out to be pretty good. First off, the big twist Anna is Yoh self-proclaimed fiancée, is pretty amusing. And she comes from another family line of shamans, one that can channel spirits via through her pray beads and then pass that spirit on to Yoh. So, she acts like a support to him. Her personality is totally the opposite of Yoh, she is a go getter, knows what she wants, whilst Yoh is just lazy. The next one, Ren has an older sister named Jun. I like Jun, she has this air about her, I like to see more of her. Albeit her family method isn’t so great. Essentially, they enslave spirits or shambling corpses via talismans. I did laugh when her ghost guardian Lee Pyron – a famous martial artist and actor, who resembles Bruce Lee. And his master who returned out to be a 96 yr old still whooped his ass. I enjoyed this episode, hope more are like this.

Spiritual rivalry exists in episode 4 of shaman king

Ryu - shaman king 2021
Bruh, this is the “best place”

Not bad, a bit more of a comical episode. This time it revolves around Ryu, the pompadour dude and his gang who seem to get caught up in Yoh and co escapades. A blast from the past for Amidamaru, a bandit spirit took over Ryu name Tokageroh. I got some backstory which is always nice. In a way Tokageroh is somewhat of a foil or even rival to Amidamrau. Since they go way back. They reflect one another, Tokageroh had no one, whilst Amidamaru had a friend. The funniest bit I found in this episode, is Ryu and his gang are constantly looking for a “best place” because they keep getting kicked out from their hideouts, plus he tried it on with Anna – who turned him down.

Would I continue watching Shaman King 2021?

Before my final thoughts are given. Check out these other posts:

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As of writing this post, there is 51 episodes aired. I know just watching 4 episodes is a small sample from the entire show, however I do think shaman king is enjoyable from the 4 epi I watched. From the offset, I think Jun & Amidamaru are my fav character. The others haven’t grown on me as much, maybe Manta has. Speaking of Manta, he seems to be the shows punching bag for the plot beats. Like for instance he got Ryu wooden sword – which in turn helped Yoh, but not without getting beat up for it in the process or gets held hostage. It’s not annoying, but you can see the plot beats coming. Shaman king I’d say is satisfying to watch at a steady pace.

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Reboots have been becoming more common these days, especially for old series that were famous, for example, Higurashi or Digimon.

Shaman King starts a little slow imo but it gets pretty crazy later on.

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