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Akebi’s sailor uniform is okay (bit weird)

Akebi’s sailor uniform is an okay watch, a bit weird in some places I found.

It’s pretty unusual for me to watch and do an impression just on the first episode alone, so thought I try it. Akebi-chan no sailor uniform (Akebi’s sailor uniform in Eng) is an interesting pick, as slice of life isn’t my go-to. Well, new year and all that jazz, so why not try something a little bit different.

Initially, I have to say Akebi sailor uniform does have a warm feeling to it. It really comes from how Komichi interacts with her family. In-particular between her little sister Kao and her mother as there were scenes, that had a tender warm feeling. Three biggest ones being; the family went fabric shopping to make the new sailor uniform. Komichi showing how it fit, and when the sisters shared a bathtub scene together, where Kao thinks her big sister is cool. The bond between them is very evident on just how close they are.

Akebi's sailor uniform - pic 1
Akebi's sailor uniform - pic 2

Komichi is the typical tomboyish, energetic girl, although seems ever so clumsy or careless, like when she had her pics taken by her father; she was sleeping, the funniest one I found is when Kao took a selfie doing the peace sign, whilst Akebi was napping on the floor. It’s quite sweet that she looks up to her mother, even going to the same private school as her, and even wanting to wear a sailor uniform just like her mother. There was an oof moment with the school, or rather some miscommunication between mother and daughter. Personally, I find it a bit weird in wanting or rather dreaming of wanting to wear the sailor uniform to school, my own experience in wearing a high school uniform is enough to see the back of it. On the other hand, I can see the sentimental value it has. Her dreams of wearing the sailor uniform and making friends, has that “cute girl doing cute things” vibe though.

Akebi's sailor uniform - pic 3

Kao is just adorable; she really is like that little voice Akebi needs sometimes to hear, even the little jabs. For a little kid though, she is quite techy, she can take selfies, which amused me.

I did find this character a bit weird; Erika Kizaki. Well…she sniffs her nail clippers after clipping her nails. A very odd quirk (or fetish), the positive I guess, it’s established very early on, so no surprises out of the blue. I don’t think she is a bad character, could be hard to find relatable. It’s definitely hard to make any sound judgements on her from just one episode, and it would be unfair to.

For a premiere, I found it okay, a bit weird in places. It kept me interested enough, there is a downside as some might complain of certain lingering shots or the fetish of things. I’m overlooking this in general, and see just how this pans out. If the weirdness of it gets too much, it can be dropped. For others, the weirdness and even fetish can be too much for them in the opening, for that I understand why they dropped it pretty early as it won’t be their cup of tea.

Akebi's sailor uniform - pic 4
Akebi's sailor uniform - pic 5

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4 replies on “Akebi’s sailor uniform is okay (bit weird)”

Wow, your blog is pretty amazing, especially the design.

Back to the series, I found the quality of the series pretty high for a slice of life anime but didn’t like the art part that was supposed to be amazing.
Overall, still a good series for a season that wasn’t that good.

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