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My favourite 4 Anime of 2021

Four of these animes stood out for me this year

Can you believe it, we’re at the end of 2021. The year sure has flown by. And this year did have some surprising shows on offer. Some good, and some not so good. On this post, I’ll be showing my favourite shows that came out in 2021.

Also, I’m taking a leaf out of Tori from Art of Anime post, so do check it out!!, it’s a good read and see if she has one of your favs shows in her list.

Without any delay let’s get this post started!!

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars

Senku - Dr. Stone

I really enjoyed Dr stone’s 1st season. So, to see the 2nd season, man I was hyped. And the series didn’t let me down at all. Yeah, it’s a lot shorter this season with only just 11 episodes, still enjoyed it. Can’t wait for what await Senku and the gang as they set sail past Japan.

Restaurant to another world (Season 2)

Kuro and Aletta - Restaurant to another world

Man, I’m so glad this series had another season. I’ll keep this short and sweet, the characters and more importantly the food is what makes this series just so wholesome. Aletta & Kuro are my fav characters of the series.

The saint’s magic power is omnipotent

Sei - The saint's magic power is omnipotent

Time to get all lovey, because this series is really sweet. Sure, it’s a slow burn, however I really enjoyed it. You can read my first watch impression on the show. I highly recommend it.

Odd Taxi

Odakawa - Odd taxi

This show is a real hidden gem. Don’t let the art style fool you. I enjoyed watching Odokawa and his mundane daily life of driving around people in Tokyo in his taxi. However, this is where it gets interesting. They’re not people, they’re anthropomorphic animals. And there’s a mystery that somehow connects Odokawa and his customers.

And that’s it. That’s my 4 shows that stood out in 2021 for me. What’s your stand out anime in 2021? and what shows are you looking forward to in 2022.

8 replies on “My favourite 4 Anime of 2021”

Except for Odd Taxi (I still haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet) these are great picks for 2021. I still haven finished The saint’s magic power is omnipotent though. I need to finish it.


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