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The Faraway Paladin: Love the world building (Epi 2)

The world building in the faraway paladin continues to impress me

One thing I like about fantasy shows, is the world they’re in. And just how much are they willing to divulge their lore at the early stages. And faraway paladin does that.

Saihate no paladin - episode 2

It gives that rich lore of the world, like the main god Volt has a brother Iltreat who turned out to be an evil god. Gus gave a very philosophical view point on what makes a god good or evil. And he’s right, depending on where your faith is, a god’s actions can be seen as good or evil depending on the worshipper’s view point. Anyway, a time skip has occurred – has to be done in order to speed up the story, but yes 5 years, making him 13 years old. Apparently by the age of 15, Will reaches man hood, so by the next episode 2 yrs would have jumped – I’m assuming this. Because of his coming-of-age, Will’s lessons have gotten much harder, naturally because the wide world is going to be tough and rough.

Saihate no paladin epi 2 - Will studying
Saihate no paladin epi 2 - Gus teaching

Will isn’t quite OP yet, but will soon be reaching semi-op… again, assuming this. Quite interesting that Blood decided to take Will to the city of the dead. As said above, it’s nice to be given more world building, this time the city of the dead that Will has been over-looking, what surprised me is that it used to be a city that was inhabited by humans and dwarves. And Blood used to frequent the dwarven blacksmiths – that’s a nice little back ground exposition. I got to see Wills real capabilities as a swordsman and magic-user when he was left to fend for himself – faced off some demons. The battle is meh to be honest, at least he looted a magical spear.

The real fight for Will though came from someone unexpected. Which really surprised me even. I don’t think it was meant to be for me, more for Will. What I mean by that is, it had no emotional investment for me. A passable fight between them though. My internal running gag of maybe the protag being semi-op might be coming true after all, as he is able to hold his own after spending some time there (in the undead city). It is amusing to see Mary telling off the boys for gambling, even though it is Gus’s idea in the first place.

The Faraway paladin’s 2nd episode has some nice world building to it!

I’m saying this again (as I did in epi 1), saihate no paladins world building and steady character development is really nice. I thoroughly found myself intrigued by the gods and just how much of influence they have over the denizens, the show enforces that by picking a god, you get their favour, the stronger the oath, more likely you’ll be in solitude. The undead city caught me off guard. Just how did this city become the way it is, and for how long?

Saihate no paladin epi 2 - Will's new weapon
Saihate no paladin epi 2 - Blood teaching
Saihate no paladin epi 2 - city of the undead
Saihate no paladin epi 2 - city of the undead (2)
Saihate no paladin epi 2 - Blood's oath
Saihate no paladin epi 2 - Mary's oath
Saihate no paladin epi 2 - Will's own oath

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