How I interpret and relate to Archer’s chant

Interpreting and even seeing if I can relate to the lines uttered by Archer from FSN.

I actually had a draft post about how similar I find myself to Archer from the fate series. That ended up being trashed. Instead, I’m taking a look at how I interpret and how I can relate to Archer’s chant that invokes his unlimited blade works. The chant itself is from the literal translation.
Now to preface, the same image will be used repeatedly. With that said, let’s get the show on the road!

“My body is made out of swords”

I am my foundation, to which I build upon. That’s how I interpret this line. It resonates with me a lot. No one else will be my foundation, there is only me. The swords are like markers or in my case milestone in my life, that came and went.

“My blood is of iron and my heart of glass”

I strengthen my resolve, yet my heart is ever fragile. Not completely relatable, having a strong resolve is something I have, yet if my heart ever shatters that resolve will also shatter in to nothing. Yet strangely even through that shattered disillusionment, I find myself reforging anew, and with it comes a heart that was once disillusioned. Thus, the endless cycle is reborn; broken and reforging.

“I have overcome countless battlefields”

Many obstacles have come my way, yet I have prevailed. In my personal life I always feel like I have to overcome many “battlefields” and somehow overcoming them in my own way, so yeah, this line really resonates with me personally. As for twitter battles… I’ve overcome them with relative ease; meaning pointless ones.

“Not even once retreating”

I will not give up, no matter if it’s a losing battle. I’m quite stubborn person, so this one is pretty much a “me” line as I don’t give up too easily. Even though part of me wants to just give up on things, the other part of me wants to continue. Like for instance a part of me really would just like to stop blogging (how many more years can I give?), the other half; I play around with gifs or anything, it makes me continue onwards as I have fun implementing them in to my blog post. Thus, the words not once retreating.

“Not even once being understood”

No one will ever understand me. Nor, the reasonings behind it. At times, I feel like I’m not understood, I guess it’s complicated in a way for me to explain it. Whenever I have gripes, even if it’s trivial I always get the impression my childhood friend is just eye rolling. It takes a while till he finally understands what I’m getting at. However, at that point, I’m frustrated or even lost interest in seeing others finally seeing my point. That sounds petty, I guess?

“He was always alone, intoxicated with victory in a hill of swords”

Standing alone on a hill, with nothing but a sense of victory to keep him company. This line I find myself relating to it immensely. I’ve always stood alone. Not matter what it is, I’ve always stood alone. Throughout my childhood, I bounced from group to group never really bonding with anyone, mentally just standing there utterly alone watching everyone else go by. Even now, with my 2 blogs. I never really bonded with anyone. Even on that MMO I play, I play alone. I helped dozens of peeps and a few guilds over the years, yet they left and I’m still playing alone. Ironic, considering that for my work place I’m on a hill. As for the victory, I’m always standing.

“Thus, his life has no meaning”

His life only served one purpose, with nothing else fulfilling it. Whilst I don’t relate to this line, I can understand how it connects with the previous line. By being alone, there is nothing else fulfilling it.

And finally,

“That body was certainly made out of swords”

Reaffirming the foundation that is built. Reaffirming the foundation which I built upon. It goes back to the first line, nothing much to say on this line.

And there you have it, the chant that spawn memes or just damn cool to listen to.

Do you relate to any of the lines from Archer’s chant?. Let me know in the comment section.

Hey up everyone, this is Roki. The author & founder of Solitary Cubbyhole. I’m just your typical guy who loves anime and videogames. I do have a daft sense of humour. Do love the paranormal, supernatural, mysteries, myths, folklore and legends.

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One reply on “How I interpret and relate to Archer’s chant”

intense quote! in my interpretation, i don’t think i relate to any of them HMMM, well, except for the countless battlefields but i think that’s something a lot of ppl can relate to, although if i take it into account as a whole quote (instead of parts) then i don’t think it’s me. i give up a lot lol

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