What's this game??

What’s nexomon extinction like?

Nexomon: Extinction is a monster catching game like pokemon, that isn’t pokemon.

Nexomon is like pokemon, but isn’t pokemon

Nexomon Extinction main characters
I wanna be the very….sorry wrong game

Not many monster catching games are around, at least not if you compare to the behemoth that is Pokemon.

Having your own monsters in your pocket and then evolving them is always a cool thing to do, after all that level grinding just to see them evolve is always pretty satisfying. At least I do.

Nexomon info card:

  • 300 nexomon to catch and evolve
  • Eccentric, colourful characters
  • Custom mode, allows you to customise the game after completing the game
  • No online matches (as the time of this writing)
  • Can’t trade

…. So what makes nexomon different than pokemon?

In pokemon, you can only pick 3 main starters; fire, water and grass type. This hasn’t changed at all in the entire games franchise. In nexomon, the starter types you get to pick, are all the types you’ll come across in the game; fire, water, grass, wind (flying), ghost, psychic, electric, normal and mineral (rock). And these are based on the rarity. Each of the selective nexomon are ultra rare. Now, I haven’t played any of the more recent pokemon games, and from what I’ve read from commentators, it’s become a bit stagnant. Always picking the three same types at the start.

All the nexomon you can choose from
don’t they all look cute!!!

For my first nexomon, I went with the mineral (rock) type. Yes he does look cute, just like pokemon you can give your little monsters nicknames. At the beginning, the little tyke didn’t get a nickname from me, I went with the default name; Trebly, that changed in his 2nd evolution stage where I settled on Groovy (which changed to Treacle). Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything xDD. Now just a quick explanation; ST or STA stands for stamina (it will be written as STA from now on), it’s essentially nexomon version of power points (or PP) that is in pokemon.

as each move takes up STA, so the more powerful the move is, the more STA it takes, if the STA depletes, then that nexomon can’t attack. In pokemon, you can go for the most powerful moves and just worry about it running out, focus on the more weaker moves and still win fights. In nexomon, a sense of balance is needed as all the moves use the STA pool. You can’t just spam strong attacks, as that will deplete your STA very quickly. Pool depletion is carried over in to any other fights – a balance of strong and weak attacks is a good idea. There are items that can replenish STA, however that is a wasted turn, what happens if you need to heal or swap out nexomon. It’s best to replenish STA outside of fights with potions or heal centres.

Choose carefully your skills

Besides the battles whether it is with wild nexomon or other tamers. The other difference I found with nexomon, is the database. In pokemon, the pokedex gives vague information, it only gives you the poke you’ve seen and it’s location – only when you’ve caught them will it give the info (this could have changed, I haven’t played poke in a long time). In nexomon, as seen in the screenshot, it gives all the info you need. What it doesn’t do is give the location of the little critters. Which I found it as an inconvenience, if I wanted to go after a specific type, I had to remember where I last caught it (or the general area), walk around the grass till I encountered it by sheer luck. And that can be pretty mind numbing, with all the random encounters. That’s not to say it has its purpose of levelling up my little critters. The grind though, big oof. I guess having exp modifiers does help. Anyway.

Those items help!!
How to catch a nexomon
How you catch your nexomon

Looking at the word count its hitting over the 700 mark, to try and keep it short as I can without it being a full-on review type of post, you walk around, can do some side quests, whilst catching, levelling (more like grinding) and evolving your party of critters to beat story baddies. That’s the basic of the game. In a nut shell.

Okay, so I why I like it……

Simple, it’s the eccentric characters. Oh boy do some of these characters, especially Coco. Good lord, Coco is my favourite character, his sarcastic and dead pan responses to some of the other characters is just pure hilarious. Granted Coco is the more or less the mouth piece to the silent protag. None the less, I just couldn’t stop laughing at some of the situations they got in to. For example, a side quest is to get a girl to go back home, you duel her. Once you beat her, Coco tells her nexomon are trash.

Coco telling a trainer their nexomon are trash
Coco telling it how that it is

You couldn’t make this up. Not only are these characters just eccentric, they do some really funny 4th wall breaking. At the time of playing and writing this post, the platform I was playing it on is the xbox one. Well…

Eliza breaking the 4th wall
Predict the lotto numbers next Eliza!

I just laughed at this. There are plenty of other instances where the characters do break 4th wall or take jabs (especially Coco) at each other, too numerous in fact. At each one I was just laughing at the stupidity of it all.

Anyone looking for a game that is like pokemon, that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then give nexomon: extinction a shot.

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