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The Faraway Paladin: A new life in an undead city (Epi 1)

I’ve started Saihate no Paladin, Eng translation as The Faraway Paladin pretty late. Just how will this fantasy series fare?

Yes, this coverage is a very late one. I think we’re about the half-way point there or about abouts of Saihate no paladin. Anyway, hopefully I’ll catch up…eventually.

Will as a child in Saihate no paladin - episode 1

From the start of things, it looks like a nameless character is dead and is in the process of being reincarnated? soon enough a little nipper is reborn, whose named as Will by three of the most peculiar characters I’ve seen; Blood a skeleton, Gus a ghost and Mary a mummy. They’re undead, unlike any other undead they don’t try to eat the living. More than that they raised Will. Off the bat, I like the world building. The 6 deities mentioned seemed to be on the benevolent side. As Gus, mentioned some bad gods emerged, this later on emphasised by Mary.

Will seems like the typical isekai character in his past life, the usual hikkomori, who didn’t go out much, have no friends, played videogames or spent his life on-line. As per usual, this is a reoccurring trope that is found in various shows, the one that comes to mind that is currently airing is jobless reincarnation. Whilst it is a trope, I’m pretty curious though as to what type of person Will was in his past life. Having said that, the vague glimpses given portrays a very unhappy one, as he is willing to take this one with a new sense of well to play with the word, life. The irony of that a new life in an undead city.

I think the real vips are Gus, Blood and especially Mary. Mary is pretty much a mother figure to Will as she teaches and I’ll say dotes on him a little. Blood strikes me as father figure, strict yet knows when to be lenient. His interactions with Gus, is a bit comical. As both don’t see eye to eye on things. Gus is like that old crochety grandfather who likes the shiny coins. It’s a likeable trait in a way. Gus explaining how the magic system works in this world is actually pretty good – which just adds that air of mystery of the world, one which I can’t wait to see. I can see with the way Will is being taught by both Blood and Gus, he will make a very well rounded (actually a bit over powered) and very skilled person.

The opening episode is actually enjoyable!

The pacing of the show is actually quite nice, at least I found it. It doesn’t dump too much info at you, or shows Will being too OP from start, this will probably change as saihate no paladin progress further. The world building is good as well, it establishes that there are deities both benevolent and even malicious. As to whether or not they play an important part in Will’s adventures, is going to be interesting. I’m already looking forward to the next episode.

Will just a little older and being trained by Blood - saihate no paladin episode 1
Blood a skeleton warrior that is like a father figure - saihate no paladin episode 1
Mary showing Will what the undead city looks like Saihate no paladin - episode 1
Gus being the old crochety teacher Saihate no paladin - episode 1

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Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

By Roki

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3 replies on “The Faraway Paladin: A new life in an undead city (Epi 1)”

As someone who famously bounces off Isekai, I am really enjoying this one. While I’m sure Will is going to be all overpowered once he gets out into the world, I love that this show is really taking its time with setting up and justifying why he’s like he is.

Aimless power fantasy is painfully uninteresting. After watching the first 4, I am really enjoying this one as well.

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Hey Rich :D, yeah I know what you mean. Some isekai’s just make their protag just op from the get-go and gets boring after a while. Agree on both, Will is going to be op once he’s out in to the world. And just taking their time in to rising and nurturing Will is really nice to see. This show definitely is enjoyable.

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