Diamond no Ace Episode Scribbles

Ace of Diamond Epi 13: A bond that lasts

Just how will Eijun fair with his last inning. Just what is the connection between Zaizen and Chris and who will the last 2 be picked?

When the past comes back to bite you, it certainly does come back with a vengeance.

Work hard Eijun and…. walk on your own!!

I get a little bit of exposition to Zaizen, apparently back in middle school he was a monster, two of the Seidou members got bested by him. It certainly sets him up as this unstoppable monster. Although the way he is portrayed isn’t like that. And I get to find out why and it’s pretty ironic in a way. Both Chris and Zaizen have injuries. I think it’s interesting that the two of them who share history together, mirror each other. And not only that, they both chose opposing schools as well. Nice to know that little bit of history the two of them have.

Really enjoy the bond that Chris and Eijun share with each other. From a rough start to having utter faith in each other, shows just how far they’ve come. To put it this way, Chris began to falter because they were targeting him, Eijun helped him to come back to his senses. In his own unique and quite frankly comical way, which I gave a hearty chuckle too. I don’t think Zaizen wouldn’t feel that way though. It’s noted amongst Eijun’s team mates (Chris too) that his pitching is getting better, still rough. Till a moment that is just pure suspenseful, with the last pitch Eijun give it his all. Watched in eagerness to see just how this pitch would go, would it be his new form or his old. Turns out he used a combination of both, have to say the suspense of pitching to Zaizen had me come closer to the screen. Damn, it was suspenseful though, seeing this form of Eijun.

Eijun giving it his all to give the perfect pitch to Chris. Diamond no ace episode 13
Throw with all your might!!!

Nothing compared to the elation when (spoilers) Zaizen getting struck out. I was happy!!. Had to laugh as well, Eijun was looking to get a compliment from Chris all along, that’s what he wanted. Nothing beats him crying whilst getting carried back. I laughed my backside off, not only that there were two players just jogging on the spot. Really surprised by this, normally Furuya gives off this condescending, better than thou attitude, yet he admits openly to Miyuki that, not once he did ever think he is better than Eijun. Still doesn’t listen to Miyuki though, which is comical. I do love it when Jorge called Eijun that crazy boy again.

Oh boy, Kataoka seems to be really impressed with some of the players. And wants to announce the new 1st string players. When he announced the last two spots…even re-watching it, still doesn’t stop me for feeling devastated for Eijun. I admit, almost teared up a bit – stopped myself though!. But man, it was hard to watch Eijun just be in tears, seeing Chris not get picked.

How did this episode make me feel? I really enjoyed it, loved the bond Chris and Eijun have. The suspense felt good, as it is the deciding factor as to who gets picked. As said just above, devastated for Eijun. I hope he picks himself up, as I want to see how he does in the next epi.

Third years that didn't make the 1st string. Diamond no ace episode 13
Don’t cry boys, it will A-okay!
Jorge walking away from the match impressed by Eijun pitch. Diamond no ace episode 13
That crazy boy…
Eijun happy that his pitch is caught and get a compliment from Chris. Diamond no ace episode 13
Harruchii, Eijun just wanted that compliment
Furuya and Miyuki looking on at Eijun's pitching and how Furuya needs to catch up. Diamond no ace episode 13
Yep, can confirm Eijun is an idiot

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