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Bite-Sized Anime: Super Cub episode 11 + 12

With the series end just how did I find Koguma’s journey with her super cub

The penultimate and finale of the show, just how do I feel about them?.

A road trip that felt like the beginning of an end

Shii, Reiko and Koguma relaxing after Shii being saved by Koguma - super cub episode 11

Episode 11

WHAT! I guess suspended disbelief is best describes what I just seen. Shii falls in to the freezing river, calls Koguma not the emergency for help. Koguma doesn’t even bother calling the emergency services either. WHAT!. To add to it, Koguma then treats Shii like she’s a small stack of newspapers. I know Reiko and even Koguma joked about putting Shii in to their basket, but literally ?!?!. I don’t know. Then all 3 have a sit down and enjoy some food. Then Shii’s parents give them an all you can eat pass for an entire year, unbelievable. Anyway, this episode is what makes Koguma realises who she’s been chasing after, and it’s because of this “person” that introduced Koguma to her super cub. Pretty sad though, it’s the penultimate episode.

Reiko putting a crab on her head super cub episode 12

Episode 12

Road trip!!, the girls decide to have a road trip to catch the cherry-blossoms blossoming down south. And they had fun along the way. Something I expected to be something new to Koguma and Shii. And wasn’t wrong. Not going to spoil it any further. I enjoyed watching Koguma come out her shell and grow as a person. The way the series ended comes full circle, in particular for Koguma. From having no friends, hobbies, having nothing. To having friends, hobbies (motor cycles). Having something, no matter how little it is, it’s something to Koguma.

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