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Scary Tales from old Blighty

With Halloween just right around the corner, I thought I’d do a post with 2 places that are reportedly haunted around the region where I live.

It’s that time again…where the spooks come out to scare you … for candy. Well, that is a plus for the kids and certainly a horror story for the dentist.


For those that don’t know I’ve always been in to the supernatural, paranormal, cryptid, myths, folks-lore and legends. There’s something about them that draws you in yet scares you, yup scares me even at times. I know, a wuss. Anyway, I’m actually inspired to write scary tales from by watching YouTube channels like Top5s, Mr Nightmare and Lazy Masquerade. I really love their content and watch them with interest.

So where better to start than my home country of Blighty, an old slang term for England. England has its fair share of scary stories, which I’ll be sharing with you.

The Grey Lady

East Riddlesden Hall – Keighley, West Yorkshire

One of the most haunted buildings in Yorkshire, East Riddlesden Hall is a 17th-century manor house filled with supernatural activity.

The Most Terrifying Ghost Stories in Yorkshire

The first story is close to home, in fact it’s just the next city over from me. Anyway, it’s the most famous story in this building, the story goes:

“During the Civil War, her husband, the Lord of the manor, returned home to find that she’d been having an affair. Seething with anger, he murdered her lover and sealed the Grey Lady behind a brick wall.”

The Grey lady is the most sighted (and most well-known) spectral apparition, as guest say they see her standing in the corner of a room, or if in her chambers standing by the window looking out, or even seeing the rocking chair moving all by it-self with no breeze in the room. Other spectral apparitions are also reported in Riddlesden hall; The white lady.

This story is more tragic than The Grey lady. It is said that: “The white lady was hunting one day where she fell from her horse into the duck pond and drowned. Her body was never discovered”. Needless to say, her apparition is seen in and around the pond, searching for her missing body.

I haven’t been to Riddlesden hall, with the number of spectres around … err … I’ll pass…. Next!!!!!

The Headless Ghost of Piers Gaveston

Scarborough Castle – photo by Happymillerman

The tale of Piers Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall, is one of the region’s bloodier ghost stories. His headless spirit is said to haunt the 3,000-year-old Scarborough Castle.

The Most Terrifying Ghost Stories in Yorkshire

Driving up the cost of Yorkshire, we end up to the coastal town of Scarborough. For anime fans, the name Scarborough might sound a little familiar if you watched Suka Suka (World End), the insert song is from this very town. So, there’s a story attached to this castle:

“In 1312, they revolted against Edward, forcing him to flee to York where he set about raising an army, while Gaveston headed for Scarborough and took refuge behind the walls of the castle. The barons promptly laid siege to Scarborough Castle and, having taken Gaveston prisoner, headed south with their quarry, resting that night at Deddington Castle near Banbury. Next morning Gaveston was told to dress and go down to the courtyard, where he was met by a group of armed men. “You know me”, growled the leader, “I am the Black Dog”. Mounting Gaveston on a mule, they took him in mock procession to the Earl of Warwick’s castle, where Thomas of Lancaster and an assembly of barons sentenced him to death. Gaveston was beheaded in June 1312. It is, however, to Scarborough Castle that his headless spectre chooses to return, and where it attempts to lure unsuspecting visitors over the battlements to an ignoble death”

It’s certainly weird, considering Gravestone was taken South of the country to be executed. It does give some credence to paranormal investigators claims, that spectres will return to the place they had the strongest emotional attachment too. I haven’t been to Scarborough, much less seeing this headless apparition. If I did, I’d be riding out of that castle back a little South (joke).

Now this one is an extra, it isn’t a tale from old Blighty. Rather from our neighbours Ireland.

I love phantom islands; it has that mystery to it that captivates your imagination. On my old blog, this island inspired me to write a lost journal style extract, documenting a journey to it. So, what’s this island called?

Hy Brasil (Mythical Island)

Hy Brasil, or just Brasil it an island that is reported to be off the coast of Ireland in the Atlantic Sea, cloaked in mist. It’s rumoured to show itself once in every 7 years. The catch is, no one can get to it. It’s described as

On maps the island was shown as being circular, often with a central strait or river running east–west across its diameter

Brasil Wiki

Nautical charts have this mythical island on maps far back as 1325. Apparently, someone did get on to the island and said it has giant black rabbits and an old magician. Now, even though this island is seen as a myth. There might be potential truth to its existence. An incident occurred in a UK military instillation. It came to be known as the Rendlesham incident. The officer who touched a symbol on the craft says he remembers seeing binary codes. When put through a computer, it gives a set of co-ordinates. One of them is where the reported Hy-Brasil is supposed to be. Strange!.

Anyway, this post is becoming a bit long winded. There is something I’d like to try.

Around the camp fire

I’m going to take a leaf of out Top5 with his too close to home series. To anyone who has read this post. I’d like you to write a spooky post for Halloween. Link back to this post, because I would like to read your spooky stories from where you are. Whether it is paranormal, supernatural, glitch in the matrix, cryptid, myths, folklore, legends. I’d read them with interest.

Thanks, folks, for reading!

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I enjoyed reading this one. I enjoy listening to all these ghost and supernatural stories as well. I’ll have a look at the youtube channels you linked.

The only local story to where I live is the Chained Oak, one I remember someone telling me when I was very young that freaked me out. Then Alton Towers turned it into the story for the Hex ride and it got turned into some science-fiction nonsense.

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