Bite-Sized Anime

Bite-Sized Anime: Super Cub episode 4 + 5

Bite-sized anime gives very quick episodic thoughts. In episode 4 & 5 watching Koguma become more independent is very satisfying.

The title of this segment does exactly what it says on the tin. Bize-sized episodic thoughts.

How am I finding Super Cub after stalling on the series?

Episode 4

This is going to be an odd one, since I’ve already done a first watch post, however, I stalled on it after the 3rd episode. So, I thought why not continue with it. So anyway, now I managed to watch the 4th epi. I really enjoyed seeing Koguma being more independent. Thanks to her cub, it opened up all new possibilities for her, like getting a part time job as a school courier, creating a bank account. Learning how to maintain her cub. Getting use to an unfamiliar school, and dealing with unpredicted weather. Things like these is what I enjoy about super cub. It shows in a subtle way that even if you don’t have much. In due time (and luck) your situation can slowly get better.

Episode 5

With episode 5, I got to see how Reiko (best girl in the series) is doing for her summer vacation. Well, she too has a part-time summer job. Without spoiling it, the message I got from this is. Try as you might, some-times your efforts at first may not look like they’re paying off. When in fact they do, if you just take the time to look back and see how far you’ve come. That’s the message I could gleam from Reiko’s summer story. Also pretty sweet that Koguma and Reiko are becoming good friends, I smiled when Reiko got in to her usual bike enthusiast mode, losing Koguma along the way. I’m enjoying super cub as a chill watch and can’t wait to see how the next episode goes!.

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