Diamond no Ace Episode Scribbles

Ace of Diamond Epi 12: Begrudging rivalries

With Eijun getting the hang of his found form. Will Seidou win this match or will an old rival from the past come back to haunt Chris.

Every team has a style of play that makes them hard to beat or at least gives them recognition. Well, it seems like Seidou has an aggressive, yet cautious style of play, or in terms of football counter attacking style.

Nice throwing Eijun!!

I have to say, the explanation Chris gives on Eijun’s new form is very insightful. I didn’t know that in order to get a very good pitch, your foot should be pointing towards the plate. It also gives the reasoning why Eijun is giving away so many strikes. His form isn’t perfected yet, it’s still flawed. It did surprise Miyuki though. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣, the way Jorge says omg when he sees its Eijun pitching. Not to mention the fans think Jorge is a comedian. Still love it when Eijun threw Jorge’s book.

Jorge comes and sees Chris play whilst seeing Eijun pitching

Pretty much can understand Jorge’s concern for Chris, I mean with a serious shoulder injury that has put his son on the shelf for over a year, the prospect of re-injury is pretty high. It is nice he turned up for his son’s game though. The next scene is a bit of a chuckle for me, Chris’s voice cracks in an attempt to galvanise the team, which worked.. in a humorous way though. Kudos to the voice actor of Chris!. Anyway, there was a heroic dash to catch the ball, I felt that scene is being dramatic, it could have gone ugly though as Chris could have injured himself. The scepticism of Eijun’s batting is shared not just with the team, with me as well, he just sucks – he did do something actually right though, which is a surprise. A bunt is where you don’t swing at the ball, you just let it hit the bat – I learnt something new!.

In a way I feel bad for Eijun, he keeps forgetting what the actual purpose of this match is, I’m certain now with how his pitches are, he’ll make it to the 1st string. The character Zaizen that was seen in the previous episodes, has some screen time now, so it could be safe to assume he might be a character of significances. Maybe? I don’t know, he seems bad news to me either way.

And it is very apparent that he has a motive. And that’s putting pressure on Chris.

Zaizen comes to the field
Here comes the …. RIVAL!!!!

How did I feel about this episode of diamond no ace?

I actually enjoyed this episode. Seeing Eijun improving this much is a dead giveaway that he is pretty much going to be in the 1st string. Pretty bummed by Chris though. He really grew on me. Jorge’s moustache is a note I have to make, it is so funny!!!.
Also, I’m very much looking forward in to watching the next ace of diamond episode, this Zaizen dude has come in to mess with Chris and even Eijun. I mean the dude has this “rivalry” or rather a grudge against Chris. I want Eijun to get this guy, so hoping he does pull through for not just the team’s sake, importantly for him and Chris.

Chris realises that he has been the one they're been targeting
I knew, you know, whatever it is you know
Eijun listens to Harucchi
Eijun being totally respectful xDD
Spectators aren't too impressed with Chris big mistake
Big oof there!!!

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