Diamond no Ace Episode Scribbles

Ace of Diamond Epi 11: The spirit of improvement

Discover how Chris how has influenced Eijun on his pitching form in episode 11 of ace of diamond.

Coming on to the mound, it seems to have put a fire in Eijun. However, he doesn’t want to repeat his last mistakes, so I’m looking forward as to how he copes with his new form.

You can’t catch, Ono!! and you call yourself a stopper pff

I view this from two separate perspectives; the spectators, Chris, Ono and Rei. From the spectators, I can’t blame them. The unpredictable throwing of Eijun looks like he isn’t getting any strike outs. Even I’d imagine his throwing isn’t exactly cutting it, as the team are not making any progress in getting the opposition out. However, from the teams’ side, in particular from Chris, Ono and Rei point of view. Eijun has improved at an alarming rate. And well, having this much hope in seeing Eijun improve might be asking. I mean, he managed to land an accurate pitch…too bad it landed in the batter’s ass 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂. It had me laughing off my chair when that happened, a call back to when Eijun threw a ball in to another player’s back.

Understandable that Rei wants to take Eijun off. Though, in a surprising move. Katakoa has Chris come on the field. I almost teared up a bit, noticing how the team stands in support of Chris to come on to the field. But man, the way he comes on to the pitch is way dramatic. Also, really bad ass to be honest. Yeah, Chris has grown on me.

Chris is overwhelmed by his team mates in wanting to have him back on the field
Such a tear swelling moment – even I was teared up a bit

I can understand why Katoka kept Chris on as a manager. His leadership is pretty much exemplary. And it shows, by assessing that the opposition is in a complacent mood. Chris wants to take advantage of that and has come up with a plan that seems to revolve around Eijun pitches. In what seems like a risky, highly rewarding play, the out-fielders are supporting the in-fielders. The trust and understanding of Chirs and Eijun are wild. I mean, he got the entire team to actually play around Eijun’s pitches. A 4-2-9 play style – I don’t know what that is to be honest (I’m a novice to baseball).

I had to chuckle a bit here, the news of Chris playing had the entire first-string players leave the locker room in droves. Guess who was the fastest out – Miyuki of course. Just to see Chris playing again. I see that Eijun hasn’t forgotten how Miyuki reacted to him bad mouthing Chris.

Eijun finds it awkward since the last interaction he had with Miyuki about Chris
See ya Miyuki, got places to go

I really enjoyed this episode, seeing Eijun showing his potential is both amazing and frightening for his team-mates, as seen in epi 10. The play made by Chris is really, really good took me by surprise of their come back. With an old rival of Chris remerging, can’t wait to see what the next daiya no ace epi holds.

Chris is just stunned at the rate that Eijun has improved
Holy crud Eijun … you threw a fast ball
Chris telling Eijun to stop cheer leading, which Eijun enjoys doing
I’ll cheer lead much as I want Chris
An awesome play from Chris to get the opposition out

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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