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Tales of Arise: Demo impression

With tales of arise about to be released, I gave the demo a quick run to see how it is.

Tales of Arise from Bandai Namco 's action rpg returns this fall

© Bandai Namco / Tales of Arise

  • Release date: 10/09/21
  • Platforms: PS4/5, Xbox series X/S xbox one, PC

Tales of Arise is the latest entry in the Tales of series from Bandai Namco. After the success of tales of berseria, will arise capture me as berseria did with its charm, colourful characters and the best waifu (and first female lead in the series) Velvet Crowe?.

The demo allows you to play some of the characters that you will meet in the game. For the sake of this impression post, I tried out Shionne, the female main lead. I did try out Alphen, I didn’t take any notes.. so I suck. It didn’t make too much of a difference with the demo.

What struck me immediately is the graphics, holy crud it is gorgeous. I love the surroundings and the general feel of the map. It is alive with creatures roaming around, it isn’t a barren wasteland like how Zesteria is. In Zesteria the games world looked totally barren, no mobs around. And if you did see them, they were really spaced out, which berseria later on rectified. With Arise, glad to see that has continued on, with much wider and maps, it has more mob density. Nice you can avoid mobs, when not in the mood for battles.

Tales of Arise maps are just gorgeous to look at
The graphics are gorgeous
Seeing the mobs on the maps in tales of arise makes the world feel alive
A lush, vibrant world

They have made crafting a little more accessible from the looks of it, as materials are more widely found. At least the more lower level one crafted items that is, for more end game stuff, farming is a must. That’s going off from my previous experience with the other entries.

There does seem to be a little different from the previous games. In the previous instalments, once you levelled up an item or accessory and acquired it’s skills, it became redundant, in Arise by visiting an engraver, you can transfer unlocked skills from one accessory to another. Which sounds really cool, moving over skills from accessory to another, without having to sacrifice a really good accessory with good skills for another, when you can just transfer the skill you want. Has me sold!.

Metal engraver allows players to customise their gears via skills unlocked

Now for the combat. I found the combat pretty fluid, with Shionne at first it was a little bit overwhelming, however I quickly got used to her mechanics, like what artes to use for the right situation. For new players using Shionne, I assume they’ll find it the same as well. I did try Alphen as well, he is much easier to use I found. I haven’t tried out the other characters in the demo. The new element in arise is strikes. Strikes are like finishing blows, where 2 characters team up to give the finishing blow. You can select which team mate to initiate strikes with by the glowing character portraits. You can miss these if the battles are short though.

Each character has two types of artes: ground and ariel. Each of them can be levelled up, depending on the amount of times you use them in battle. With each use in battle that specific arte gets stronger, the max level for any arte is 5. This is a familiar system used in previous entries. So vets will be happy. Changing artes allows customisation in which you can adapt to any fight.

Speaking of characters. From the get-go, Shionne is the lonely, closed off, spikey but with a soft centre as you get to know her. Familiar, since that is the traits I liked about Velvet. That trait will be well known amongst the anime community as well. Alphen, the usual cool, somewhat goofy yet powerful character that gets along with everyone. Standard main anime male lead.

The characters that are playable in the demo. Kisara has a cute butt
From: Shionne (top left), Alphen (centre top), Rinwell (top right), Law (bottom left), Kisara (bottom centre), Dohalim (bottom right)

Law is the energetic but yet clueless brawler. That forms a brotherly bond with Alphen. Rin, the studious one that gets in to arguments with Law. Kisara surprisingly is the serious, straight laced one, normally that trait is found in the studious character like Rin. I think Rin sees Shionne & Kisara like older sister figures. And lastly Dohalim. Dohalim, is the regal, noble one. Past that, I can’t say much about him. Looks an interesting character. If the characters sound familiar, well it’s because they are. Nothing wrong with familiarity. As it makes the entry point for the game much easier to get in to. As to which character I gravitate to…it’s actually Kisara. Which is a bit strange considering Shionne traits are like that of Velvet.

The skits are done a bit differently, this time around they actually interact with the characters; you get to see them, rather than having them side by side like the previous entry. So it feels I guess more personal?. As you get to see the characters point of view, adding more character depth to them (for those entering the series).


I really enjoyed the demo, the characters seem interesting and enjoyable. The graphics are just gorgeous to look at, music is just superb. The crafting, seems pretty interesting, would like to see how end game will be. I can’t wait till it gets released.

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I can’t wait to play this game! I loved the Tales of series so I made sure to get it preordered. I’m still waiting for mine, but hearing about it and seeing the pictures is driving me insane. I want to play it!

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