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Ace of Diamond Epi 9: To their flaws

Ace of diamond continues on with Eijun now wanting to be trained by Chris, the man that infuriated Eijun with his training schedule. Also changed epi scribbles again.

There is yet another change to scribbles, without going in to much detail, yeah I’ve resorted to singular epi, covering this at my own pace is nice though.

That throw is perfect for Eijun 😂

I’ll admit this scene with Chris’s dad Jorge Animal and Eijun had me laughing. I had to insert a small clip and completely re-watch that scene had me in pure stitches 😂😂especially when Jorge tried to pass off as this big-shot and Eijun not knowing nor caring, simply tossing his book away. What is revealed in the same scene, Jorge is Chris’ dad. Which makes the book throwing even more hysterical and how loudmouthed Eijun is. That’s not all that got me laughing, in an attempt to win over Chris. Eijun spent his time actually following Chris around – everywhere!! This included going to the toilet!! 😂🤣😂🤣 that killed it for me!!. I knew Eijun can be persistent, it is pure comical. Eijun cracks me up…him holding a bunch of bog rolls outside of a toilet.

Now Eijun realised his baseball knowledge is reasonably substandard, okay, abysmal, so to try and rectify, he went to a game where Seidou were having. He observed how the team played, to get a feel. I don’t think he got all of it, since he spent time attempting to brush up on baseball knowledge – which mounted next to nothing. His studying surprised Kuramochi and Masuko. God, I enjoy it when those three get together – a wrestling match is always on the cards. Kuramochi, the champ is here!!

Kuramochi has Eijun in a armbar lock a wrestling move
Tap Eijun, tap!!! that armbar lock is smooth

The other thing Eijun did that got me sniggering is when he asked what his qualities are with some hilarious moments. This all came down due to Chris stating his pitches shouldn’t be compared to Furuya’s fast ball or Tanba’s breaking ball. Eijun has his own unique style. Eijun attempted to find that style, but at the wrong moment to do so. I did like Chris’ wise words towards a dejected Eijun, looks like he is warming up to our loudmouthed hot head. Speaking of our favourite Mr. “I’m so cool” fast ball thrower Furuya, well it turns out he has a weakness in his throwing, which Miyuki realised. And that cost him a bit, which allowed the 2nd pitcher Tanba to step up. The two rivals are now hanging on by a thread, to determine if they will be picked for the last two spots. Also, I love how Eijun doesn’t want to share his tyre as he considers it his buddy.

Eijun does not want to share his training tyre with Furuya
Yeah Furuya!! get your own damn tyre buddy!

Episode 9 of Daiya no Ēsu did a good job of having Eijun realise his flaws and what he needs to do to improve on them, it does seem apparent that Chris will play a major role in helping Eijun discover what his skills are that will set him apart from the likes of Furuya and Tanba, whilst doing that and still maintain the comedy, which I thoroughly enjoy and remains to be the biggest highlight. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Furuya and Eijun want to fill the 2nd pitcher spot
What will we do now Eijun?
Eijun thinks he and Haruchi will get the last 2 spots in the roster
Hell yeah, we got this in the bag…PEACE!!!
Chris gives Eijun some advice on why his pitch were bad
Sage Chris is here to aid you young padawan

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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[…] I really enjoy watching the budding relationship between Chris and Eijun. As Eijun is making Chris see what he has been missing, whilst Chris is bringing out the best in Eijun. Still doesn’t takeaway how dumb and loud mouthed he is. It’s also nice to see that Eijun isn’t feeling so envious about Furuya and Miyuki. I could be wrong. Never the less it’s a really good build up from episode 9. […]

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