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Riding around on a Super Cub can be an adventure

Watching super cub, made me think just how even the smallest of things can be a little adventure


Low down

Koguma is very happy with her new honda super cub scooter - super cub

A sleeping nightmare – a horror narration Solitary Cubbyhole

As someone who doesn’t drive, it’s fascinating to observe how others react when they pop in to their cars and have their own little journey to the store for the first time on their own. Or when they need to fill up the engine at the petrol station.

Well, this is what SuperCub actually does. Super Cub follows Koguma, a lonely girl who is abandoned. With little income (she says no money, the state and school look after her), she lives a humdrum life with no hobbies. In short, she has nothing. That is until she decides on a whim to get a scooter: a super cub, the name of the show. Now, with someone with little income, she got this bike at a discount from a generous garage owner. He threw in a helmet and gloves, if Koguma passes her license. I’m still surprised she passed her license instantly, to be honest. The other bits that caught me were the moment Koguma got on and kicked start the super cub. It’s like a new sense of life came to her.

The colour in her life before was drab and muted, this is pronounced. You could see it. Once she got on, damn as said, it’s like a new lease of life for her, with a vivid, vibrant colour filling it in – it’s like a catalyst for her. I enjoy watching Koguma’s little adventures with her new cub. From going down to the 24/7 store, only to be stranded due to low petrol and then finding out how to use the reserve tank until she can fill it up. To finding the local supermarket and doing a bit of shopping. It’s that little accomplishment that brings a smile to Koguma, and it brings a smile to me. Observing a lonely girl, who was handicapped, to find her way in the world all because she has something that will give her the extra mile (no pun intended) that she needs. That’s not all that changed her world.

Reiko is the other person that changes her world. Reiko is the typical super smart, pretty girl. However, unbeknownst to others, Reiko loves the cubs as she is knowledgeable about them. She rides one to school. I’ll be sincere, I like Reiko’s energetic personality, it’s infectious. Reiko is almost the opposite of Koguma. Koguma is withdrawn, Reiko is out going. Strange as it is, they actually match up well. All because they have something in common. It seems that Reiko is well-connected. In episode 3, she got a storage box for Koguma’s cub. In fact, she helped Koguma detach and reattach the storage box to her cub. The funniest bit is where Reiko got all excited about looking up accessories and stuff, when they were meant to look for some wind shield for Koguma.

Reiko’s words have a profound impact on Koguma. It is her words that encouraged Koguma to branch out further, since she has a cub that can take her places.

Super cub might not be for everyone, as the pacing is slow and not much really happens. However, if you want something that finds that little bit of adventure and accomplishment even in the smallest of things like going to the supermarket. Then I think it will fill that little itch, as it did with me.

Koguma on the super cub scooter - super cub
Reiko is a bike enthusiast with plenty of personality
Shino garage owner telling Koguma of the bikes
Reiko getting excited over Koguma's super cub bike

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After reading your first impressions review and peeking at the trailer for the anime, Supercub would be a series I’d check out if I wanted to relax with a slice-of-life with a chill vibe. Right now, the one fitting that bill is Kiyo in Kyoto: From the Maiko House to cool my heart down after trying to binge through To Your Eternity. It pains me that Kiyo in Kyoto comes out with an episode every now and then though…

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