Final Impression

Seasonal Playback: Winter 2021

Looking back on the anime winter shows that aired. How did I feel about dr stone; stone wars, log horizon, jobless and other shows that I watched.

Seasonal Playback is pretty much the round up of the shows I’ve watched, granted it may not be many. In a way it’s pretty much a final impression, just presented differently – I think.

Anyway, doesn’t matter. Here are some of the shows watched during the Winter 2021 season. So first up….

Dr. Stone: stone wars (S2)

» I really enjoyed the second season. Sure it’s shorter than the previous season, which I can understand as it did drag out the “scientific” aspect of the show. Didn’t bother me at all. The second season focused on the upcoming battle between Tsukasa and Senku, with their respective empires at the ready.
» There were times where they just threw in characters like Yo – who I didn’t really care for, didn’t do much much besides be a brief comical relief and a representative as what to Tsukasa’s empire is full of.. useful idiots.

Otherside Picnic

» I’ve covered otherside picnic as a seasonal scribble briefly – which you can read here. I pretty much said what I wanted to say in the closing out section, other side picnic core is about exploration and urban legends. However, I do feel the show skated over the urban legends. It used them as a backdrop for what I believe is the best thing of the show.
» The best bit of the show is without a doubt the relationship between Toriko and Sorao. I enjoyed their friendship, sure there was some yuri baiting going on, then again I could be wrong as I skipped a few to the last 2 episodes, so their relationship could still be yuri..or not, I don’t know.

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Jobless Reincarnation

» A different take on the whole isekai imo. You can read the brief seasonal scribbles here as well. I’ll pretty much be reiterating what I said on the closing out section. It’s very unusual to actually find a NEET being sent to another world. Let alone one where they are rotund. Anyway, the best thing I found about jobless is the pacing and seeing Rudy taking life with both hands. Something that was a regret for him in his previous life.
» The inner narration and view point from Rudy is the other thing I like about jobless. The other thing I don’t like is his perversion. Not too fond of that.

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Bottom-tier Tomozaki

» What’s it like to be the best player, being at top of the gaming world…yet being barrel bottom in school, at life in general?. Well bottom tier Tomozaki delves in to that, well tries too. Tomozaki is your transformation show, or as I call it…the ugly duckling syndrome. Tomozaki is the best player at a game called Attack families or attkfam…it’s actually a Nintendo’s smash game. Yet is at the bottom in school, no friends etc. Meanwhile, throw in a anonymous player that is second best, who turns out to be …. miss perfect of the school Aoi Hinami. Que, the transformation of our main protag, with the guidance of Hinami.
» Tomozaki does a fairly okay-ish job of trying to explain the differences in social standings and personal abilities. One may try hard as they can and not ever get to the top – this is very relevant to the whole Mimi arc. Whilst others have to work hard in order to maintain their status, which is what Hinami does. I actually didn’t like how Hinami instantly dismissed Tomozaki, just because he questioned her methods. Also, if Tomozaki was a chubby guy, I don’t think Hinami would have given him the time of day.

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Log horizon (s3)

» Welcome back old friend. Nice to see you back. It’s been a long time since the last log horizon came out. Right off the bat, the first half of the series was about the downfall of the round table. Now I cheated here a bit, I checked the wiki and from it said Eins is actually a spy for Nureha. Which is kind of a let down in the anime, since it doesn’t get covered at all. He just goes off with the prince and we never hear from him again. With Eins and the guild politics. His feeling of being shut down by the other guilds, is pretty understandable that he got frustrated with them and left on good terms. It didn’t show the destruction of the round table, rather just a reshuffle with members that will get better represented.
» Then we get some Kanami episodes, not enough of her she is pretty funny. Along the way they meet Krusty what happened to him and get some geniuses. I do like the hand puppet show that the D.D.D girls put on, pretty funny to be honest. Then of course the newbies got a shot at raiding, as someone who has done raiding once. Raids are pretty intense, so I don’t envy Minori taking after her mentor xDD – she did a good job. Well she did confess, well Shiroe and Akatsuki shippers will be happy. Can’t wait for season 3.

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The promised neverland (s2)

» Another welcome back…sort of?. TPN second season was long awaited for…only to suffer from 2nd season syndrome. Brilliant when it starts, completely misses the mark the second season. And that’s exactly what’s happened here. I personally didn’t mind the second season. As it wanted to have a more hopeful atmosphere for the kids, didn’t help when there were still shots, rather than panning of the camera to get that right mood. Also it was way too short, 11 episodes – that is a lot of content cut. And I mean cut. Certain characters and scenes were completely ignored or glanced over. Which leads on to the next bit
» The hell was that ending. The last three episodes were clearly rushing to the finish line. The backlash of the way the 2nd season was handled is pretty understandable. I mean how can you fit in a whole bunch of volumes in to just 3 episodes. With yet again, still shots to show how the demon world will be saved. Would have been better to give another season. Alas, it’s finished, it is what it is.

There you have it, my seasonal playback for the winter season. Hope you’re entertained by the post. How did you find the winter season?

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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Hey up everyone, this is Roki. I’m just your typical guy who loves anime and videogames. I do have a daft sense of humour. Do love the paranormal, supernatural, mysteries, myths, folklore and legends

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