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🔊 Sound out with Scorpzgca

My last sound out post. For my last guest I bring in Scorpz, a very cool guy.
These posts were fun to do.

Greetings again splodges!!! this will be my final sound out post, it’s been pretty fun doing these.

Having some peeps from other bloggers answering my questions is quite fascinating, I’d like to thank each of them for doing it xDD. Also another chance for a shameless plug; check out the double interview I did with Rich. Rich is looking for future collabs, so hit him up!!.

So for my last guest..

Scorpz as I call him. Is an entertainment blogger, and a pretty cool guy I got to know, over at his blog he covers things like video games, movies to anime and manga etc. Covers pretty much a variety of topics, so you aren’t left behind in the news from the entertainment world. I particularly like his video games new coverage. Always informal. You can catch him talking about the latest video game news over at his twitter. As always all his links will be at the end.

So let us begin!!!

What is your blog and how long have you been blogging?

My blog is and I’ve been blogging for 5 years now

Do you have any goals for your blog? and have they changed throughout your time blogging?

My blog is to make my blog a great source for video games and digital entertainment news I still have a lot of work to do

If you weren’t blogging, do you think you’d be on another medium (podcast, youtube, twitch, FB gaming)? if so, which medium would it be

I would be a YouTuber in fact it’s a future goal I will work towards I’ve always wanted to try making gaming videos like playthrough

Would you solo the said medium or do it with friends?

Solo and collaborate with people for sure that’s how YouTube is really

If you could work for any studio, whether it is for anime, videogames or movies, which one will it be?

Video games for sure and it would be Bandai Namco Entertainment

What anime or videogames is your favourite, do you dislike any games?

Tekken 7 is my favourite fighting game

If you could name a guild, clan or join any team from anime, videogames or real life sports, what would it be?

Maybe the LA Lakers to be a professional basketball player for the NBA that would be amazing

How do you like to relax or chill?

Playing Apex Legends and Tekken 7 and watching anime and YouTube videos and sometimes Twitch

Thanks once again to Scorpz for taking part, he’s cool guy to talk to on twitter, give him a shout out when you can!! :D.

Here are his links:

Thanks again to all the participants for doing this with me. It’s been pretty fun. As always, check out the other bloggers. As always, I’ll see you folks on the next post!.

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