Misunderstandings and getting lost in a village

A very mixed feeling as to how Other side picnic is going. Whilst Jobless reincarnation continues to be a pleasant watch.

Oh boy have I fallen behind (as usual). Anyway, the next few episodes after this post, will be binged, ace of the diamond posts will resume shortly after.

Ura sekai picnic – episode 3

A very lukewarm episode – my feelings after 3 episodes are mixed so far. I wasn’t too impressed with the CGI use of the big heads. I mean they made it a thing at the very start when Torkio and Sorawo were scared by them. The episode itself didn’t do much, besides have the duo trek, by throwing rocks they could locate where the glitches are whilst they navigate towards a shack that Toriko says her friend used as a stopping point. I found it quite fascinating that for all her “impulsive” behaviour, Torkio is very aware of things. Like she knew her friend Satsuki could see things that she couldn’t, but let her take the lead. Sorawo did pick up a book with the words “lovers” on it, perhaps a foreshadowing?. I like the whole ghost town vibe, it had that air of mystery, too bad it didn’t really take it any further.

  • The growing feelings between Toriko and Sorawo
  • Ghost town was pretty nice
  • Didn’t realise chucking rocks had that picnic vibe

Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu – episode 3

Nice paced episode, with some misunderstandings thrown in. I really like how Rudy developed, from being a shut in recluse to that of someone willing to change their life, if they were ever given another shot. This time around he has met a new friend named Sylph(iette). From being bullied and unable to stand up for himself, to being able to stand up for himself and others against bullies. I did find it amusing when Rudy told Sylph that she looked like a boy instead of a girl. Which upset Sylph naturally. The other thing I found humours is when Paul tried to coach his son in to wooing the ladies, which just fell flat when Rudy tried it. I guess he’ll always hold Roxy’s panties as the holy relic – which is sort of funny. I do hope to see more of Sylph.

  • Rudy holding on to Roxy’s panties as a holy relic
  • Sylph being befriended by Rudy
  • Paul and Rudy; a father and son moment

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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