Favourite 4: Movie theme OST that are okay that I can jam to

What are the 4 movies OST that caught my ears, that I enjoy listening to.

With the release of the new Mortal Kombat movie coming out in April, it got me thinking, what movie OST do I actually like. So here is my fav 4 movie theme OST. Since, this is my tag list post, I’m opening it up. In my last post, I restricted to just new or blog with low followers. Now, the tagged bloggers can tag whoever they wish. Doesn’t matter the size of the blogs. As usual, the tagged ones aren’t restricted to 4 (this only applies to me). They can use whatever number they wish.

So without further ado doo.. here are the 4 movies ost…

Mortal Kombat Theme song – Mortal Kombat (1995)

Now this is just pure cheesy EDM or DNB xDD. However, out of the two big videogames to movie translation – the other being Street Fighter. Mortal Kombat actually did far better than Street fighter. Mostly because it followed the source materials, better effects, better acting than Street Fighter (who had JCVD and Kylie flippin Minogue). Having said that, HOLY GEEBUS, the sequel is utter crap. Enjoyable entertainment, crap still.

The Eagle lands – Kick boxer (1989)

Speaking of JCVD, the muscles or truffles from Brussel. Makes an entry here. The movie is pretty good, cheesy, good though. Nothing beats JCVD kicking down a palm tree. Or knocking out Tong Po with his bare feet (I still believe it was JCVD stinky feet that knocked him out, but anyway). Sadly, all other entries after this were just BALLS. I remember watching Kick boxer III on TV. Anyway, I like this sound track. It has this sense of uplifting. Also, kick boxer dance 😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣.

Keep holding on – Eragon (2006)

Alright, this one I like. I’m not a Avril fan by any means, I actually like this song. The movie is alright I thought. Can’t say how the rest of the books went. From gleaming the first book, the movie skipped a lot of the back story especially as to how Galbatorix rose to power. The hunting of the other riders etc. It also has Jeremy Irons in it, liked his performance.

Transformers Theme – Black Lab remix (2007)

Even though Bayformers is just utter nonsense, seeing autobots and decepticons in CGI were something to behold. What really stood out is the remix of the theme to me. I haven’t seen the original movie. Where Lion cover this theme. Maybe I should include it in this list…nah.

Anyway, that’s the list. Now on to the tagged ones.

By Roki

Hey up everyone, this is Roki. I’m just your typical guy who loves anime and videogames. I do have a daft sense of humour. Do love the paranormal, supernatural, mysteries, myths, folklore and legends

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