Friends to no friends in another worlds (winter 2021)

Log Horizoncoverage has been dropped. What other world will the two shows that have been kept continue to show?

You will be noticing one show missing, yeah I removed Log horizon S3, my initial plan was just to cover 2 seasonal shows. However, at the last minute I added log horizon. Since many don’t seem too bothered about my posts, meh why not change it at a glance. Yup, I’ll be covering these two shows moving forward.

Ura sekai picnic – Episode 2

Much better than the first, I actually like this episode. It gave a better explanation like how Soraos eye got effected by looking at the wiggle-waggle for too long and Toriko’s hand from removing the blue things that was all over Soaros eye. The combination of sees all and feel all (I guess that is a way to explain it?), is put to to good use when they took on Hasshaku. The real centre point of the show I think is the growing relationship between Toriko and Sorao. In particularly from Sorao view point. The rejection she felt, when she thought she wasn’t important to Toriko. Funniest bit is when they got told to walk home. I was thinking of dropping this show, however this episode has nudged it in to the plus side. Would like to see where the girls go for their next day trip out to the other side.

  • The blooming relationship between the two
  • Kozakura being stingy and her reaction to the twos affliction
  • Hasshaku didn’t do much

Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu – Episode 2

So a flashback of the previous life Rudy had. It’s quite sad to be honest. Bullied in school for being overweight. However, he does a have pervy side – that hasn’t changed from his previous life. This episode definitely showed how Rudy has embraced his new life with zest. From being a recluse shut in to someone who has overcome his trauma, from being unable to move past his home, to seeing the village. I got the impression that he thanks Roxy for that. As she unintentionally helped him get over it. Quite sweet that he looks up to Roxy as his master and friend. Funniest bit is when Roxy almost fried her horse with a powerful water magic (essentially a storm). Rudy surpassing that final exam, in a way it has metaphorical meaning – the storm the washes away the mud. I’m enjoying jobless reincarnation, it has this really nice pace to it.

  • Previous life of Rudy being bullied is sad
  • Roxy giving Rudy his wand and charm
  • Horse getting fried by Roxy

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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