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🔊 Sound Out with Lucy Dragonas

Sound Out is a small fun way of getting to know unknown bloggers I interviewed – in hopes to help them out a bit. I don’t expect this to be a permeant type of posts.

Hey up splodgers!!!, for very long time – well throughout my entire duration as a blogger, not once did I ever ask (or be asked) to do an interview.

*UPDATE: I’ve removed the colour coding of L and added Lucy’s pfp from her twitter. I think this adds that little bit of her personality to the questions.

So this time round I took the initiative and instead asked a very small number of my fellow bloggers, if they don’t mind me asking or being asked.

So, without further ado, here’s to my first guest…

The first un…I mean fortunate guest is a shy blogger who goes by the name of Lucy Dragonas. I met Lucy around 2019. Ever since then I’ve been communicative with her. I’ll link her blog(s) social stuff at the end.

What is your blog and how long have you been blogging?

Well I have two anime blogs but the one I’ll talk about is Dragonas Talk on WordPress. I mainly write my opinions on anime I’m watching and I’ve been doing this since 2017.

Do you have any goals for your blog? and have they changed throughout your time blogging?

Well, the main goal I have for my blog is to make it a place I can talk about anime with others as well. Basically people to talk about since nobody around me watches anime (other than Naruto)/shares my views on them. More like a community, I guess. My goals haven’t really changed throughout my time since I’ve began.

If you weren’t blogging, do you think you’d be on another medium (podcast, youtube, twitch, FB gaming)? if so, which medium would it be?

If I weren’t blogging I might have been doing the same thing but in video format, so I guess YouTube, but I’m far too shy to review something in video format because I feel it takes a more personal approach than writing.

Would you solo the said medium or do it with friends?

I’d probably solo since I can’t ever stick to anything so I wouldn’t want to make someone put up with my lack of effort.

If you could work for any studio, whether it is for anime, videogames or movies, which one will it be?

I’d love to work with viz/funimation. I once wanted to be a VA but no way can I do that kind of work!

What anime or videogames is your favourite, do you dislike any games?

My favorite anime would have to be Hitman Reborn! and Hunter x Hunter. And my favorite game would have to be Persona 5 Royal. I don’t necessarily dislike any games since I just buy what I know I want to play.

If you could name a guild, clan or join any team from anime, videogames or real life sports, what would it be?

I’d join either Fairy Tail or the Vongola from Hitman Reborn! Although I’d fit more into Fairy Tail since they’re on the nicer side and I’d probably get myself killed for something stupid if I join Vongola. Or maybe I’d be a gourmet hunter from HxH.

How do you like to relax or chill?

I usually just watch YouTube or play a video game. I have been reading a lot more lately as well.

Thanks again Lucy for being my tes…I mean my first guest. Now for the social / content stuff. Even though Lucy has a blog: Dragonas Talk. For the most part she does LP (let’s play) on her YT channel. Which you can check out here: Loosely Lucy – YouTube

Her other social stuff:

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Hey up everyone, this is Roki. I’m just your typical guy who loves anime and videogames. I do have a daft sense of humour. Do love the paranormal, supernatural, mysteries, myths, folklore and legends

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