Diamond no Ace Episode Scribbles

Ace of Diamond Epi 5 & 6: first years vs upperclassman

First years face off against their upperclassman in a scrimmage to determine who will be selected for the first string. Will Eijun finally step up to the mound.

Nothing beats having a team-mate that can change the game around for the entire team.

Episode 5

Eijun not too pleased with Miyuki
Eijun bullying Miyuki for his lunch money

I do like the bold, calm, cool, extremely self-confident Furuya came to where Eijun and Miyuki were sitting and eating, continues to take Eijun’s place and insults all the upperclassman in the vicinity – Miyuki and Eijun were discussing the scrimmage between the first-years and upperclassman, Eijun being the fiery simpleton to not know this. Nevertheless, Furuya believes Miyuki is the only one capable of catching his pitches. This of course infuriates the rest of the upperclassman (the intended disrespect shown), if it weren’t for the intervention of Tanba. The following scene is amusing, Eijun heading towards a bath, only to run in to Katakoa. Since he was voicing his displeasure at not being picked. Here is where Eijun gets a second chance, which even surprised me. Eijun said something that sort of contradicts the ethos of team play. In essence, you have to be a bit selfish to the best in the team. Which is kind of true.

Anyway, the first-years vs the upperclassman scrimmage had its moments of pure hilarity. Before that, though, the upperclassman pretty much dominated the first-years, not too surprising. I did expect Furuya to be called up pretty early on, however that didn’t happen. As expected, the upperclassman were all waiting for Furuya as well. Just to show him up. Now I thoroughly love how Eijun is in this scrimmage. He is so excited to be called up, he felt over the moon. However, he is a terrible outfielder, 😂🤣😂🤣 first he misjudges the ball, thus misses the catch, then throws the ball (dope throw it seemed) then it curves and whacks a player in the back. Then he almost got struck out, with two wild swings, third one is pure luck. As for Furuya, my suspicion is correct, he got called up to the first string.

Overall: I really enjoyed this episode, it is just hilarious, especially Eijun almost taking a player out with his curved ball throw. I’m not surprised about Furuya being called up to the first string. Pretty much expected it, a very talented player.

Personal highlights:

  • Eijun throwing a ball at a players back, then almost getting struck out
  • Furuya getting immediately picked for the first string
  • The energy Eijun brought to the first year team

Episode 6

Furuya standing apart from his team
Furuya standing alone

This is an episode that brought the thrill. Only when things begin to seem slightly up for the first years with Eijun’s lucky run to first base. The rest of the first years when pretty much struck out. I’m not surprised, they’re inexperienced in contrast to their upperclassman. A new character who actually supported Eijun from episode 5, ensured that Eijun got to home base, this character is called Haruchi Kominato. It sort of makes the rest of the first year group look like utter novices when two players are carrying the team – that did change though. Completely loved it when the rest of the first years were against Eijun, who acted like he was the team captain. This did the opposite effect from earlier on, as I noted. What Eijun did – whether it is intentionally or not, (I’m assuming intentional), he galvanized the first year.

This is what Rei noted from when she first scouted him. The ability to galvanise his team-mates, even when they are utter rubbish, Eijun did not put the rest of the team down. The beating heart of the team – which contrasts with what I judged correctly, Furuya is technically gifted as a pitcher, however due to his aloof personality, he can’t be a team player, in antithesis to Eijun who can. This emphasised by a flashback Furuya had, with a shot that showed the difference. He stood alone, whilst Eijun is surrounded by his teammates. I got to hand to Eijun, the dude never gives up. Even he went up against his fellow room-mate Masuko. Who quietly observed Eijun’s pitches and got a hit.

Overall: I enjoyed this episode, it showed that with the right team member even the first years can be galvanised in to performing. Naturally this had to come from the ever fiery simpleton Eijun. I laughed when he was just giving the tactics away, whilst the rest of the first years realised he’s an idiot.

Personal highlights:

  • Eijun galvanising the team and being the loud, brash hot head
  • The run Eijun got for his team
  • Seeing the flashback of Furuya

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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