Where being reborn is visiting other worlds but being trapped in one

Doing episodic dive from the seasonal anime winter 2021 showing with mushoku tensei, ura sekai and log horizon season 3.

After checking out anilist to see what shows are airing, I’m pretty much covering two new shows (and a returning one) in conjunction with my ace of diamond series. Three very other worldly, if that’s the best way to describe the two shows I picked.

Feature image is self explanatory, these type of post are very quick and short. Not delving in too much.

Ura sekai picnic – episode 1

Not bad of a start, although I did have a bit of a gripe with the pacing, hopefully the next episode sorts that out. I didn’t get why Sorao wants to keep the other world a secret, despite being almost killed there. There is suspicion that Toriko knows more than she is letting on. Although she states that she’s been there 10 times. I don’t know if that is setting up anything there, could be, hopefully – I don’t know. The real highlight is the chemistry between the two. I actually like their interactions, their partnership, I hope it blossoms further. The other world, definitely will be fleshed out – how their daily lives in the normal world, is going to be something. Also the name for their first encounter; wiggle-waggle I found that amusing.

  • Toriko and Sorao budding partnership
  • Wiggle-waggle name
  • Toriko throwing salt rocks

Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu – episode 1

I actually enjoyed this. Rudy the main character is reincarnated from a deceased, reclusive nameless NEET man who died in a bus accident. From that point, all the narration is from Rudy’s perspective. Since Rudy retained his memories and intelligence, he has an advantage in this world of sword and sorcery. His mother and father are quite nice actually, both I found to be loving and supportive. I did like the facial expression his mother had, when she found out Rudy is proficient at magic from an early age. And Rudy blowing a hole in their house because of it. The humours bit is when Roxy his tutor, damages Zenith (Rudy’s mother) tree, heals it, only for Rudy to kill it himself. Roxy is pretty cute, I liked her honest opinion when she first met Rudy and his parents, saying how every parent thinks their kid is a prodigy, only to be shown up later.

  • Roxy is a cute tutor
  • Rudy being a prodigious student at a very young age – also wanting to live by shedding his former life
  • The use of a water ball falling on Rudy, making it look like he wet himself

Log Horizon S3 – episode 1

It ain’t log horizon without database from man on a mission. But anyway, welcome back dear friend how I missed you. Straight off the bat, there is trouble within the round table. Honesty guild has defected. Now, as an MMO player who knows a thing or two about internal guild politics. This is basically what it is, other guilds not hearing out due to own interest, or not worth bothering pursuing. So I can understand Ein’s feeling as he felt he was being pushed out of the group, the other conflict within Honesty, is something that is prevalent in any MMO and guilds. Leeches, players that do next to nothing and get the rewards, whilst the other players work hard in getting better at the game. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  • Henrietta’s obsession with Akatsuki, that hasn’t changed
  • Shiroe being the ever shrewd character
  • The fall of the round table alliance

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