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Ace of the Diamond Epi 3-4: Never giving up!

Seeing Sawamura Eijun meeting his dorm room mates had me laughing. Whilst a new rival will be competing against him to be the new ace.

How will Eijun do now that he has enrolled in Seidou’s prestige’s school of baseball.

Episode 3

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Wanna play?

The odd comedic errors and determination is the best way I can describe episode 3. In the first cour, I got a glimpse on how Eijun will adapt to his new life in seidou school. It is here where the potential team-mates and dorm roommates are met. Masuko, the strong silent type and Kuramochi, the cheeky type who likes to play video games. The pair play off each other fairly well from the offset, with Kuramochi being the practical joker and Masuko being the stricter type, since Masuko decided to be silent since he made a mistake in a game. The funniest moment occurred when Eijun who was late, got convinced by Miyuki to sneakily get in line. Since they have a strict head coach – Kataoka. Eijun made a dash for it, Miyuki betrayed him. And instead, he got in line, that was pretty funny.

The potential of Eijun, I think is far greater than any of the four from the looks of it, as he took on Kataoka, who could pitch a ball about ninety meters. Eijun almost matched it, I did route for him silently, but alas he missed out. It did however garner Katoka’s attention. It was nice of Kuramochi to remind Eijun that a 100 people are competing for each position – just as he is, where only 9 can be chosen for the first team – something even I forgot about. Definitely this little talk is what got Eijun to be more serious.

Overall: Eijun being late, then betrayed by Miyuki, is by far the funniest moment. Also, I pretty much was rooting for some slaps by Rei. Apparently, Eijun her grandfather, taught her well in the verse of slaps!!. In all, a delightful way of introducing what life in the dorms will be like for Eijun and the antics the 4 will get up to.

Personal highlights:

  • Rei wanting to slap Eijun
  • The betryal of Eijun, whilst Miyuki saving his own skin
  • That pitch from Katoka is pretty impressive

Episode 4

Anime, Anime episode review, Manga, Seidou High, Eijun Sawamura, Diamond's Ace, Daiya no Ēsu, Ace of diamonds, sports anime, baseball anime, shounen, Madhouse, sports
The dawning of a rival

Pretty good episode where two new characters are introduced along seidou’s first non-competitive match. So the first new character is a girl called Haruno, she is this typical sweet, but clumsy one. She wants to be a manager, normally I find this type of character fairly annoying, strangely enough she wasn’t that grating to me, maybe because her screen time wasn’t that much. There were some whimsical moments between her and Eijun, she managed to have a tire roll in to Eijun, who in turn decided to be more efficacious, so added two tires to himself, with some comical moments, which I snickered at Eijun for getting told off for sleeping in class. I had to say they are a talented side, with Miyuki being their ace player. It did show a flaw in the team, however.

Furuya is an intriguing one. And also, Eijun new rival of wanting to be the ace pitcher in the team. Furuya did notice the unusual throw of Eijun and decides to deride. Whilst showing his own potential to Eijun. Eijun being sheer overwhelmed at the raw skill Furuya has. It’s also interesting to note Tanba, the teams current main pitcher is no longer their “ace” this is naturally setting up a direct competition between Furuya and Eijun. It’s looking like Furuya will get the first call up, however I suspect he isn’t a team player as much, so that might cause some issues in team play.

Overall: An enjoyable episode. I do look forward in seeing how seidou do. The most interesting aspect is of course, the potential romantic interest Haruna has for Eijun, no of course not, it’s the rivalry between Eijun and Furuya.

Personal highlights:

  • Eijun getting told off in class for sleeping
  • The big rival shows up
  • Haruna being clumsy, it’s kind of cute

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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