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Ace of Diamond Epi 1-2: Stepping up to the plate

This is my first time picking up a sport anime. And ace of diamond caught my eye, as I know nothing on baseball.

A new episode scribbles has begun!!. And for a very long time, I’ve always covered shows that were much shorter in length. Not only that, but this is the first time I’ve actually covering a sports show. A sports that I have no knowledge of either!!.

Episode 1

Cry for me Eijun…I don’t know baseball!!

I don’t know much about baseball, so I thought I’d cover this. Ace of diamonds follows high school moron and baseball pitcher Eijun Sawamura. Okay a high school moron is a bit much, hot head is more of his style. I kind of like his hot head, loud mouth or brash attitude. Pretty much a typical shounen character. I actually laughed at some of the moments in this episode, especially when Eijun got a little bit too happy slapping. Just because some other team mocked his team. Even more so when his own grandfather slapped him one, I’m still laughing at that.

The episode pacing is something to be noteworthy. As it went really fast, I barely got to know Eijun’s old team mates let alone his new ones. I mean there’s like the 2 (potential 3) within a short about of time. And immediately Eijun gets in to a challenge with Azuma, one of the best hitters. Naturally, Eijun makes fun of Azuma size, which got me a bit eh. I do understand that Eijun is immature since he is a high schooler. I also got to see the prodigy catcher Miyuki.

Overall: Despite it’s pacing, I really enjoyed the first episode. It had that comedy where I just laughed my head off at times, in particular where Eijun went all happy slappy and where he is grandad slapped him twice.

Personal Highlights:

  • Eijun getting all happy slappy in his slap fest as he attacks the other team
  • Grand dad slapping Eijun
  • Rei giving Eijun a chance, despite his hot headedness

Episode 2

Batter up!!!

Picking up from Azuma challenging Eijun. What’s interesting is just how observant Miyuki is, he noticed the throw and speed of Eijun’s pitch, noting that Eijun first pitch is stiff. He saw from first hand just how peculiar his throw actually is, a knock back to the previous episodes conversation he had with Rei. That there is great potential in Eijun. I do like the little pep talk he gave to Eijun, noting the very same line that Eijun gave to Azuma in the first episode. That baseball is a team game, not one who plays alone. The other thing I guess is a bit more nuanced. Eijun noticing the type of ball he is using, in comparison as to what he is use to back home.

The second cour of the episode didn’t do much for me. It’s pretty much a staple thing in most shounen shows. Eijun going home to mope around the idea that he should go to Seidou school in Tokyo, then he won’t be able to play with his school mates. Which as said is a staple thing in most shows. The most hilarious thing, his grandad gave him a slap – that had me laughing. I do hope this is a common thing in future episodes. Also, I got to see Eijun’s dad, and how he wanted to become a rock star. Brilliant Elvis hair style too boot!.

Overall: The pacing in this is much better, as I could follow it, when in episode 1 it went really fast. I’m impressed just how sharp Miyuki is. And a good team player as well, motivating Eijun. As noted, the second cour of the episode didn’t really impress me. The standard stuff; for his sake they don’t tell him they really enjoyed playing baseball with him till he leaves.

Personal Highlights:

  • Eijun’s grand dad slapping him one
  • Getting slapped off screen by the rest of his friends
  • The potential team work between Eijun and Miyuki
  • Eijun’s dad wanted to be a rock star

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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2 replies on “Ace of Diamond Epi 1-2: Stepping up to the plate”

I was always wondering if I should start Ace of Diamond since it’s about baseball and I have no knowledge about it.

But you made it sound really interesting especially Sawamura I don’t know why but I have the feeling I will love this little moron…

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