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Which anime character will Mallow celebrate Christmas with?

What anime characters will Mallow spend time with at christmas?

This post is a fairly late one, so the tagged peeps post will be late I guess?. But anyway, it’s the thought that counts. So long it ain’t over a week late xDD.

The lovely Annie over at evening tea musings has made a very fun and festive tag post, which will bring some festive cheers no doubt during this very trying time. Since I’m a Brit, I’ll be using some of the more traditional things that Brits do during this festive season. So with out further ado, here goes the sleigh!!!!

Eating turkey & mince pies on Christmas day with Natsu

I’d eat Turkey and mince pies with Natsu. Boy can Natsu eat, so even when I’m full, I can count on Natsu to eat the rest of the food. Sure Happy will be there….asking for fish. Sorry Happy but fish don’t count xDD. Contrary to the name mince pies, for those that don’t know what they are. Mince pies are a short pastry filled with currents, dried fruit, herbs and spices.

Watching Panto and the queens speech with Lelouch

Oh no they didn’t!!!

Oh yes they did!!

Here in the UK it is a tradition for us to watch a festive play or which we call a pantomine or panto for short. Normally it’s a family friendly thing with kids in attendance with their parents. It’s a common thing for the actors to interact with the audience, with those very famous lines uttered. And yes the queens speech is broad casted to us. Who else would I watch this with?. Lelouch of course. I think he’d enjoy this since he is a fellow Britannian like myself XDD. Since he is a guy who likes the theatrics. Also…ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!!.

Hanging out stockings with Hitomi Tsukishiro

I’d hang some stockings with Hitomi. The poor girl is colour blind and she has lost the things she holds dear to her. So why not do something for her that encapsulates all the things that she so desires to keep hold of. I think she would enjoy it.

Watching Christmas movie with Marina Ismail

I’d actually watch the traditional christmas movie with my favourite princess from the gundam series Marina Ismail. She deserves to with the all the nonsense going around her, especially in her country. She could take a break, put her feet up and not worry.

I will say that eating turkey, mince pie, panto and queens speech have been consolidated. It made little sense to have them separately done.

But yeah those are the characters I’d spend christmas with xDD. I know it’s a pretty quick, short post. It’s done pretty late, so my apologise. I’ll make a feature image later on xDD.

(⓿_⓿) So here are the tags (yeah I know I went nuts):

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