Tales of Zesteria the X wasn’t the best of tales to had [Best of]

Hey up folks. Well one of my anticipated anime from last season has finally ended. So I’ll be taking a look back on to the series. If you haven’t played the game then I’ll warn you, it does a certain degree. So I suggest you finish the game then watch the last episode.

If you go, Sorey then who will cleanse this world?

— Mikelo

I’ve already done a first impression on this anime. So like the previous post I’m not going to go in too much detail, rather I highly suggest you read the hyperlinked post on my first impression.

For those that don’t want to be all clicky with the link. Here is the run down. The world is filled with something called malevolence. Through out time, a holy person called a shepherd has saved mankind from the malevolence. Sorey is a human who has lived with the seraphs. Whilst exploring some ruins with his best friend and seraph Mikelo. They stumble upon a lady called Alisha. What transpires is that she has come seeking for the shepherd and that she has found him – Sorey. And so begins the journey of Sorey and friends in finding a way to stop the malevolence and allow both human and seraph to co-exist in the world.


  • The art & animation – for the most part they were on point and were just amazing. Not surprising; Ufotable at the helms. However..
  • OP & ED – they were the some of the best, I love Flows: innosense and Uta no kaze, and illuminate by Minami Kuribayashi
  • Anime follows the game. However up to a certain point.
  • Rose – I think she got some good screen time during the second season. And what motivated her
  • Mikelo and Edna – their interactions in the anime and in the skits were just funny Especially when Edna calls Mikelo ‘Mibo’ Mikelo boy for short
  • Dezel scarring Rose – before she became a squire for Sorey, she could hear him but not see him
  • Good fantasy story…although
  • The interactions between the main cast
  • Alisha is given a more prominent role in the anime – in the game she left pretty early
  • Nice to see Zavide or rather peckzavide making a cameo
  • Rose’ wedding to a prince getting the boot xDD
  • Rose & especially Alisha being able to armatise
  • Velvet having two episodes is nice


  • The art at times seemed out-of-place
  • Pacing of the story suffered greatly in the second cour
  • Lailah didn’t get as much screen time and her personality weren’t shown off as much in comparison to the game – the reason why is that the original VA for Lailah passed away in 2015
  • Sorey is bland – this with the colour scheme of his; white and blue (I didn’t mind Sorey)
  • Alisha has the typical lady like colour scheme; pink and white
  • Eizen and Edna have been given a completely different ending from the game – not only that it wasn’t even dealt with
  • Anime story at times deviated from the game story (as seen with Eizen and Edna)
  • Rose and Alisha being squires should have taken a greater toll on Sorey – in the game just up keeping Alisha alone, almost cost Sorey his health
  • Introduction of Velvet in the first cour is a promotion to Berseria (a prequel)

Overall Grade: C+

By Roki

Hey up everyone, this is Roki. I’m just your typical guy who loves anime and videogames. I do have a daft sense of humour. Do love the paranormal, supernatural, mysteries, myths, folklore and legends

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