Mallow’s favourite 4 anime OP/ED

Check out what 4 anime OP/ED I really enjoyed listening too.

Inspired by Richard on his 10 favourite anime OP/ED of 2020 post – it certainly got me attempting to try out list type posting…not that I bother with them, hahahaha.

Anyway, will this type of post be regularly posted?, I don’t know how consistent I’ll be, what I do know is I’ll be putting a little spin on it at the end of this. Also, I’ll pretty up the post with a feature image later on (at least with this post).

So without further ado, here are my 4 favourite anime OP/ED

Burnout Syndrome – Good Morning World – Dr. Stone

How to rebuild civilisation, not just civilisation – but the world from the stone age, all the way to advanced age before the “incident” that froze humanity. That’s what the spring onion headed one…I mean Senku will accomplish. I really loved this opening, it captures the world on how it is and what Senku will need to do in order for him to accomplish his desire in bringing back the world to the state it was in.

Can’t wait for the 2nd season. On to the next entry!!

Kalafina – One light – Heroic legend of Arslan Senki

From the stone age we now head to the middle ages, wow how time flew by 😂. So, anyway Arslan is a polarising one. It had a hype around it, however it didn’t live up to it. I certainly enjoyed it. I thought the song is pretty great, it’s done by Kalafina after all. There was a second series, however that went more under the radar. I will be honest and say that the animation were really inconsistent.

Would have liked the anime to continue, but alas. Continuing on!!

Uverworld – Touch off – The promised neverland

From the middle ages, we come to the modern age?. Anyway, what an opening. I can listen to this opening all day, I just love the jazz inspired opening, the sax is just ear-gasm. It has that catch, which is what every opening needs in order to draw you in to the anime you are watching. You can’t go wrong with Uverworld at all.

At least we can see the fiery red head Emma leading the kids in to the path of freedom in the second series!!!. And finally….

Stephanie – Friends – Gundam 00

And we find ourselves in to the future!!. Kind of weird how this post went 🤔. Anyway, of all the endings I find myself relating to this on a level. How I interpret it is; 4 strangers united by loss, yet fighting for something they share a belief in. Through their battles, they understand each other. Even if they can’t understand everyone else. No matter what, they will hold on to the camaraderie or friendship they fostered together. Gundam 00 is my fav out of all the gundams, screw wing and seed/destiny.

And there it is, my fav anime OP/ED.

Now for the twist….

I’ll be tagging certain bloggers. You can say this is a hybrid type of post, as it is a list (since list tend to be personal) yet it tags others. Also, they don’t need to have 4. They can insert whatever number they want. I’m hoping that the bloggers tagged can feel at least some form of community, rather than feeling like they’re ignored or a lone island. I do have a condition though if they want to tag others; it has to be small or new blogs they’ve come across. To note Richard is part of the tagged bloggers, just don’t want to double tag him. If any of the bloggers are on hiatus or just stopped, let me know.

By Roki

Hey up everyone, this is Roki. I’m just your typical guy who loves anime and videogames. I do have a daft sense of humour. Do love the paranormal, supernatural, mysteries, myths, folklore and legends

14 replies on “Mallow’s favourite 4 anime OP/ED”

Whenever I listen to Burnout Syndrome, I always associate them to Haikyuu, so it’s cool that they sang the opening for Dr. Stone (a series that I kinda started but never got back to watching).

Arslan was a nice series, especially with Arakawa working on this reboot. I miss Kalafina’s music because of their harmonious voices and the fantasy feel their songs have.

Compared to ODD FUTURE for Boku Hero, I like Take Off because it reminds me of the feel of their old songs. It has a slight aggressive beat that compliments The Promised Neverland’s story, especially on the point of the kids fighting to save themselves from their terrible fate.

I didn’t pick up Gundam 00 but I heard most of the music for the series and I really like them. I feel like it’s been a long time since I heard anything from Stephanie with the ending song she did for D.Gray-Man.

You’ve picked solid tracks for your list, Mallow.

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