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[Best of] Final Impressions: The record of Grancrest war

This is my final impression post on The record of grancrest war or Grancrest Senki for short. What do I think of A1-Pictures latest fantasy showing. From the looks of it, not very good.

Cute Siluca, grancrest senki, record of grancrest final impression review

I haven’t done a first impression on grancrest.

So, bear with me on that, even though most know what the synopsis of the show is, I’ll include it for those that haven’t seen it yet. There might be some spoilers pertaining to the series.

Synopsis: On a continent ruled by chaos, the Lords have the power of a holy seal that can calm the chaos and protect the people. However, before anyone realizes it, the rulers cast aside their creed of purifying the chaos, and instead start to fight each other for each other’s holy seals to gain dominion over one another

From start to finish, all I can say is. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What did I expect from A-1 pictures. Not a lot, but bloody hell I didn’t expect them to get me laughing this much. Grancrest isn’t a comedy, it’s a bloody fantasy- one of my fav genres, yet it might as well be a comedy, the way gran crest turned out is an absolute train wreck.

Everything that is hated in fantasy tropes, is much pretty much abundant in gran crest. You have the dashing young knight saving the damsel in distress – even though the damsel is more than capable of taking care of herself. Not only that, she has a freaking assassin/butler on hand. To put it in to context. Our dashing knight or wandering lord Theo, rides in a like knight from like out of nowhere. The damsel Siluca is a mage, who was like ready to kick butt one minute, but then steps aside whilst taking a shine to Theo. Yeah, Theo just spouted off some usual heroic clap trap whilst raising his sword against some bandits and then you have Siluca metaphorically clasping hands thinking “my shining lord in not so much armour”. And so, begins the train wreck.

Theo is just one-dimensional character. You don’t get to see much of his personality. And when it is shown, it could be seen as him being an “edge-lord”. Jesus, don’t get me started on how he wins his battles. Forget that, they’re not even battles. Barring Milza, everyone he faced off, practically gave up and pledged their loyalty to him.

As for Siluca. Well she is the brains in Theo’s operations. She has some serious political negotiation skills. And that’s as far as it goes. Her magical skills, despite her bragging how she graduated and was like ready to face off against some bandits, well forget about them. For the most part, she doesn’t even use them that often. Even when she does, they are so briefly used. The real magic is: who got the better midriff. Siluca or Aishela. My vote is on Aishela.

Now for the minuscule positives. What makes grancrest just a bit bearable are the secondary characters. Characters like Aishela, David Lassic, Moreno, Villar, Margret. I would say Alexis and Marrine. However, they look more like siblings than lovers, but then again this is the medieval period. Take note of the time period, it relates to the “plot”. Other than Aishela, Margret, Villar, Irvine and Milza – others weren’t that interesting to take note of.

Now we go back to the train wreck. If the characters were handled badly, then good god the writing is abysmal. Some of the characters in gran crest are just irrelevant. Introduce a black witch, chalk her up, then shove her somewhere for a long period, then bring her back to be fodder. Same goes for the vampire king. Same goes for the nord king.

As for the plot, the hell. You think with the introduction of the holy gran crest, it would play a significant part in the plot. Nope. It took Alexis, to actually ask what the hell is the gran crest and what does it do. Yeah, follow orders, ask questions later. Then, out of the blue we get the mages order being the villains. How? There were no hints or anything throughout the series to remotely suggest this. And then apparently there is another group/being pulling the strings behind the mages order. And the higher-ups in the mages order knew this. Oh boy, the plots punchline gets even better. There’s an ass swerve, and there’s an ass line.

Grancrest? more like grand crash.

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It’s a shame it’s so vanilla + misogynistic fantasy wibble, because at its best it’s got great fight choreography and animation, and the visual direction is pretty strong. Just, yeah. I can’t just watch it with my eyes, no matter how beautiful the women are!

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I was expecting a fair bit, this series is set in the same world as record of lodoss, a very well known fantasy anime. Thanks and sorry for the late response Umaruchan!!

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