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A very late answering your questions – 11 years on wordpress

Answering questions put forwarded by some of the bloggers I’ve met throughout the years. And yes, it’s a late one.

I asked back in April that for being on 11 years on wordpress, I’ll be doing a Q&A and you folks rose to the occasion magnificently. Most of the questions on are my blog post that I pinned, for any late stragglers to ask. And true to form, this post is exceedingly really, really late!

**Edited** I missed a question, so I’m editing it in. Sorry annie!

And well, here are the questions asked.

Do you have a favorite post/article you have written? Matt in the hat

Thank you for the question Matt!, I actually do

It would be this one: Did you know post on Castlevania. I really enjoyed writing about castlevania, as it is a really good platformer game with a very rich lore and characters. And damn good OSTs. Based off of Bram Stokes Dracula book, Castlevania uses some of the lesser known character(s) in the book like Quincy Morris (in the book he plays a pivotal role). In the game, the Morris clan are a distant relative to the main clan that vowed to destroy Dracula in the game – the Belmonts. Anyway, I wrote this post, due to the popularity of the anime Castlevania that was airing on Netflix. Since many were talking / writing about it, but never really knew much about the game – I thought I’d try to give some bite sized info on the game.

Main characters from the series

Thanks for asking Matt, be sure to check out Matt’s blog!

Next question!! 😀

what blogging so long has taught you about blogging, yourself, or rather anything at all – Leaf

Thanks for the question Leaf!!. What I learnt from blogging is always be expressive as you can. I know some are reserved in their thoughts as they fear some back lash from commentators, in some ways disagreements are actually healthy – so long they are civilised and not heated. It opens up dialogue with each other. You get to see, what another thinks – what their perspective is. You may end up agreeing with them or not. It could bring you closer, or push each other away. Which ties in to this; communication. When I first started, like many I was shy and never left any comments. I took the first step in communicating with other bloggers, and it really helped. Fast forward to present day, even though I’m still closed or in some cases, opening my mouth and shooting myself in the foot.

Point being, don’t be afraid to express your thoughts and communicating with each other. It will take time, eventually you’ll find yourself having a small group that will frequent on your blog and vice versa. It could lead to collaboration between between you folks!.

Thanks again for the question leaf!.

How has the landscape of blogging changed over these last 11 years? Do you think blogging/ having small blogs is kind of a dead art form now? – Mint bun

Thanks for the question mint bun. And a good question as well. In the past 11 years, blogging has incorporated a lot more multimedia like audio, images, videos etc. In the past, it was mainly just text, which isn’t a bad thing. As many people who blog preferred text over audio or videos. The use of graphics and gifs has increased over the years, as I use canva (a very good site). This allows you to make your images more meaningful, with eye catching styles that could draw your readers or potential readers being drawn to your posts. Same with gifs, static screen shots is still the predominate medium used in blogs. However, having gifs can enhance your blog posts. Makes it bit lively, help to break up long forms of text.

No, I don’t think it’s a dead art form. Consistency in posting, along with what I said above can help your blog. How much effort and time you put in to your own blog, is entirely up to you. Success is what you make of it. One thing I will emphasis. Don’t let views or lack of comments put you off or slow you down. Blog for you!.

Hope that answers your question mint and thanks again!.

What is your favourite type of fanservice? – Tanteikid

Thanks Tantei!!. And I do apologies, as this will be the shortest answer. I don’t really have a favourite fanservice – I did enjoy Keijo… a lot. Which might cause some discomfort for some. Besides that, I don’t really bother with fanservice that much. It comes, then it goes for me.


Thanks again Tantei!.

What blogging so long has taught you about blogging, yourself, or rather anything at all – Leafy

Thanks and hope you are safe too Leafy!!. My answer is more or less the same to Mint’s question. One thing blogging has taught me: being more confident in my written communication skills. God knows, I’m abysmal at oral skills. But yeah, keep writing and don’t be afraid in leaving comments to other bloggers. Don’t be afraid to critique your own works, see how you can improve on your blog posts. I always see how I can present my blog posts, just the general layout of how I can make my blog post be different. Play around with your blog posts layout. You can create a unique identity for your blog/posts.

Thanks for the question again Leafy!! :D.

A person you’ve never met is visiting you, what do you cook for them? – Inksidee

A very quick question and thanks Inksidee :D. The person that is visiting me, I’d cook them would be: lasagne (Asian style) and chips. It would take a while, however I find that lasagne is a welcoming food. It’s hearty and homey. Asian style being not having the white sauce and being more spicy than usual.

Asian lasagne and chips
Home made Asian style lasagne and chips

Thanks for the question!! Inksidee

What do you like about blogging?. What keeps you blogging?. What has changed for the better since you started blogging? – Crow

Thanks for the questions Crow!! and oh boy, I’ll try to answer all of them XDD – actually, I’ll combine what I like and keeps me blogging in to one answer. What I like and what keeps me blogging is actually quite a simple one answer; writing. I love to write. As I’ve said in previous award posts. I use to have a dream of becoming an author. Even though that dream went up in smokes, wanting to write has lived on. The other thing I like about blogging and what has kept me going all these years, is being able to express my thoughts on things. When I left my 3rd blog that I started back in 2015. There was a time where in 2018 I wanted to quit blogging. Call it a day – even thought of wanted to stop at 2019. I was unhappy on that blog. However, I found myself just wanting a fresh start and going at my own pace and writing on things I want, that I didn’t find being able to to do on my 3rd blog. Yes it’s a right annoyance that I bounced around and left without saying a word. In short, I found being just a little bit more open can be fun. As you get to see aspects of my personality, that I don’t usually show. Also, I don’t mind trying out a bit of online journalism xDD.

Thanks for the question Crow!!

Is there anything that pushed you or experience to take the reins of blogging up? Was is something you would like to see happen more in blogging community, more community good vibes, particular content? – Lita

Good questions from the lovely Lita!. Always a bright spot in the aniblogging community :D. I jumped in due to curiosity as to what blogging is, so I didn’t really have anyone push me in to it. I’m like that, I always dabble in things that catches my interest. You used to do YT, believe it or not I got in to video editing back around 2010, you can check the link out. I don’t edit videos anymore, it gives an idea that I always like to try things out. Even if I don’t succeed in them.

As for seeing a lot more in the community. I think the community does its best trying to reach out to newer or small bloggers. Being a new/small blogger is pretty rough, as it is a lonely island. Naturally the more established/big bloggers can’t reach everyone. What would be a good idea for the new/small bloggers, is to use twitter as a resource – if you’re not on there. Not to be social, if you’re not in to social media stuff. But using hash tags, something like #animeblog or #aniblog, as it can actually help being found on that site.

Thanks lita for the questions!!

What songs would be in your chill-at-home playlist? – Annie

I’m sorry for missing out your question, Annie :(. My chill at home playlist, this one is a very straight forward one. I pretty much like piano jazz, I find it my chill at home play list. It’s soothing slow and it has that “put your hand behind your back, stare through the window whilst it is raining” – kind of feel to it. Kind of like this

Again sorry for passing past your question Annie!! :(. Hope this fixes it!

Do you live alone, what type of home do you have. Any noteworthy studies you are taking/took or career stories. What is the funniest or strangest thing you have written in 11 years, doesn’t have to be on the blog – Pinkie

The lovely Pinkie, thank you for the questions. First one is a very quick answer: no, I don’t live alone. I live with my two younger brothers and mum, my older sister and her husband and their daughter are here too. They are looking for their own place. Yeah you could say I have a busy household. A terraced house, is the type of house I live in. Those type of houses are quite common in England.

Used for illustrate purposes

I actually took A-level English along with IT studies, years ago. I enjoyed it, there are some really funny stories attached to my IT studies. A dude actually plagiarised my work, called a lecturer a racial slur – which brought in the entire course in to question. Childhood friend avoiding the course, whilst doing nothing but downloading mp3. Idiotic students setting off the fire alarms during exams. My A-level lecturer getting in to an argument with my childhood friend because I inserted a word she didn’t like – that word being token. Crazy, yet fun stuff. Good times!!!.

I haven’t written anything strange, there was an idea I had for a story. It allowed people to absorb information just through touching a book cover. There is a limit, most people could only absorb and retain 3 skills. This could be in anything, however in order to learn new skills, they had to discard one or all of them. This caused major nausea for them. There was a way to learn more skills but that involved gene splicing. And you could only learn to a certain degree, than if you just had 3 skills. It’s weird I know.

Thanks for the question Pinkie!!!

what have you learnt from your blogging journey so far? – Keiko

The lovely Keiko, thanks ever so much for the question. I learnt a fair things during my blogging tenure. The biggest one is I think is being more communicative, as said in prior questions I’ve always been a shy one. Thanks to blogging, I’ve become less shy in wanting to open up a dialogue as you could say with other bloggers, whether they are new or old. That, along with editing post formats. I find it fun to try out new post formats. That is something I’ve learnt throughout my time in blogging.

Thanks for the question Keiko!!!

If you would make or cook a meal for yourself, what would it be? What’s your advice to bloggers who are starting out and does not have a current direction at any point in time? – RandomEditor

Rand, thanks for the two questions!!. Okay for the first one, I’d cook a spaghetti & meatball with cheese!!!.

My advice for newcomers: before starting out or if you have an idea but unsure, brainstorm some ideas as to what your blog will be about. Take a look at some blogs that you like to read. Get an idea as to what to you want focus on. Have one note, to jot down notes for ideas that may come to you. Stick with the focus or theme of your blog, this will essentially help to build what your blog is about. Experiment with the format and style of your blog, keep playing till you’re happy with it. Be consistent with your posting or have a schedule calendar. A schedule calendar is when your posts will come out. That’s another thing, if you can’t post regularly have specific days when you can and schedule your post in advance. That way content is always coming out. It may not answer the question, but should give a rough idea as to what you can do.

Thanks for the questions again Rand!!

If you could talk to inanimate objects which object do you think you would be good friends with? And which would you not get along with? – Yomu

Thanks for the hilarious question Yomu!! XDDD. I’d probably be good friends with a 2×4 plank of wood. I mean this….

Clearly Ed, Edd n Eddy had a massive influence over me. Plus plank just rocks.

A lawn mower. They have the power to cut toes!!!!. And sharp teeth, they real monsters!!. That I wouldn’t get along with.

Thanks for the question Yomu!!!.

And finally the last question

If you could have some type of supernatural/sci-fi/fantasy best friend, what would they be? For example, alien, time traveler, zombie, robot, witch, etc.? – Krystallina

Thanks for the question Krystal!!! :D. This will be a short one, I’d chose a sorceresses. I always wanted to have a spellcaster friend in my travels. It be so cool to see her using high level magic with just a few wave or chants. Plus, it will be a good support / backup. Or an outright high damaging spellcaster xDD. Takes out mobs in one or two hits. She’d be something like this

Thanks again Krystal for the question!!.

And with that, me answering your questions is done. Thanks once again for the peeps asking the questions and my bad for taking so long to get this post out.

Hit that like, check out the peeps blogs, give them a like and follow too. And I’ll catch you folks on the next post!!.

By Roki

Hey up everyone, this is Roki. I’m just your typical guy who loves anime and videogames. I do have a daft sense of humour. Do love the paranormal, supernatural, mysteries, myths, folklore and legends

11 replies on “A very late answering your questions – 11 years on wordpress”

Ah I missed this post somehow! I had you in an old folder sorry about that! Glad to see the questions have finally been answered! Plus a lot of other amazing questions! Sorry for the late response here!

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Finally I get to leave a comment as I just liked everything at the moment so I can come back to it. helps me out so much right now ahaha. Thankyou for answering my questions, I had no idea you did youtube, I see you had some good music taste looking at your old channel I did. You gave good advice on using hashtags, I use the same tags for my blog posts all the time. I enjoyed reading this and looking at that picture of the street you live on makes me think of old home. I miss those nice looking streets !!!

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That sorceress looks really cool. I’m sure you two would have amazing adventures together. And you can’t go wrong with a magic user who can use several types of magic. Maybe she could even animate Plank for you!

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