Unpopular Opinion Tag Post – first ever one!!! I’m so happy!!!

That’s right, you got me running my mouth as to what my unpopular opinion is.

That’s right folks, I’m doing an open unpopular opinion tag post – it’s my first one as well. I’m leading off from Scott from Mecha Anime Reviews, sorry Scott for this, anyway…on with the post!!!! … tally ho Sally!!!

Popular Series I Don’t Like

Die Eren, die!!!

It was a toss between SAO or Attack on Titan. In the end, I went with attack on titan. I really do not like this series. Primarily because of Eren and Mikasa. The dude I swear is so useless in the first season. All that bloody angsty bluster and what does he gets for his troubles… gets caught not once but twice through out the series, gets his ass kicked some many times – thinks he’s the main dude that can kick ass, but can’t. When you have you main character begging the main female lead, to let them kick some ass and not be out shone, you know you’re useless. Yeah, never seen a bloody useless character, where he gets out shone by Armin either. And Armin was hated for being weak.

As for Mikasa, get out of here. She’s just secretly obsessed with Eren, nothing more. Never seen a character more flat than a cardboard, I take that back – a bloody cardboard has more development than this idiot. And she ain’t a fan of Levi. Why? because he outshines Eren. Levi is what Eren wants to be. Too bad Eren sucks ass.

An Anime Everyone Hates That I Love

Black clover. Hands down. I love this series, when it first aired it was almost universally hated on, due to Asta being Asta…and his constant yelling. Sure it drove everyone up the wall with his screeching, irritating voice. I found charm in it though, sure it took like maybe 4 or 5 episodes, till I got used to it. Sadly most didn’t get past 2 episodes. It has gotten better and he has slowed down his shouting.

A Love Triangle Where They Didn’t End Up Who I Wanted

I don’t know, I’m not a shipper. If I had to go for one, it’d be err.. Natsu, Lisanna and Lucy?. Natsu went with none of them in the end of the last fairy tail arc.

A Popular Genre You Hardly Watch

Like Scott, I’m pretty picky. I think popular shows I hardly watch are slice of life, romance, idol. Whilst I am trying to watch more from romance, slice of life does seem to hit my radar that often. I’ll try and watch more slice of life. Idols aren’t my thing, as they’re more slice of life with a job thumb tacked on to it.

A Beloved Character I Don’t Like

I do not like…. Lelouch. Sorry not sorry, this guy is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Despite him batting for the lower class, it was more out of spite, anger, revenge than genuinely wanting to fight the injustice that his homeland created. Not only that, he “technically” inherited a royal power. Since that power was in his family – in other words, things were handed to him. Sure you can say, he lived and provided for sister. Er, he had too since he got the boot from daddy dearest. Even then, he got some privileges worked in his favour as he lived and studied in a… you guessed a private school. Not a public school, a private, well funded school.

It’s early in the morning that I’m typing this up. Too much ranting here.

A Popular Anime I Can’t Get Into/Not Interested in Watching

I’d say the rest of SAO and fruit baskets. Fruit basket never really took off for me. I always thought Haru is a homeless hobo, who permanently smoked weed. As for SAO, meh something about Kirito going braindead in a braindead series.

A Popular Anime That You Prefer Over The Manga?

I don’t read manga, if I did, I’d say Demon Slayer. Damn the tracks and animation really did some of the scenes in the manga justice and brought them to life.


Open invitation. Anyone is free to take up this tag.

8 replies on “Unpopular Opinion Tag Post – first ever one!!! I’m so happy!!!”

Nice list I agree with a lot! I also really dislike Lelouche I think I even mentioned it in my post but I gave the price to Kirito . I dropped Attack on Titan at like episode 10 or 12 or so. It’s so “brown” atmosphere.. colour use… It had great music but.. between that and the girl who is Potato crazy I got no enjoyment out of this show.. a lot of problems felt super forced.

Not sure what this mother’s basement thing is. I hate Kirito because he is a deus ex machina incarnate. The writing in that show is SOOO lazy.. him spawning skills out of the blue, him learning how to play a shooter instantly on a pro level, him deduction how in real life crimes happen. There is only so much plot convenience you can throw at a character. If there was an arc where was an episode he was in the real world left in a desert I am sure he could conjure a kfc to get a cold drink and stock up on energy. Because you know.. Beta testers are really smart people…

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I haven’t seen any of mother’s basement stuff, I have heard of him though. Not too fond of SAO, it’s more to do with the fact that I’m an MMO player.


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