Episode Scribbles World is still beautiful

The world is still beautiful Episode: 11 and 12 Scribbles

Last two episodes of world is still beautiful

Episode 11

Nike and Livi looking forward to getting married
What a couple!!

The penultimate episode certainly did have that little bit of drama from episode 10 carried over. I thought it was a tad over dramatic, with the way Nike doing CPR on Livi, only for Livi to do a Hollywood revival. Alas though he managed to beat the grandma’s test. I found it a bit funny when Nike’s sisters and Neil thought Livi, being the vindictive type would want some form of retribution for what they did to him. Surprisingly, to them and me. He let them off, thought of it as a squabble between grandma in law and son-in law. I got to see Nike’s mother, who just so happened to be ill, but gallivanting around. But more to the point, a spiting image of Nike. Something which Livi no doubt noticed. I did notice something about Kitora. And it was confirmed.

The reason why I thought there is animosity between Kitora and Livi, is because Kitora is secretly in love with Nike. Nike being somewhat dense, didn’t notice Kitora’s unrequited feelings. And the other more surprising thing to me, is both Kitora and Livi being similar. That’s probably why Nike fell in love with Livi, as he has similar traits to Kitora. I did like the wedding ceremony that is held for Livi and Nike. With Livi being attracted to Nike even more, of course Livi is treated as bit of a dress up doll, I think he got used to it though. Nike’s mother did hint that they were fated to be together.

Overall: pretty nice episode. It wrapped everything up together nicely, as Nike got her blessing from her mother and father. And Kitora, who sees himself as Livi love rival – giving his blessing to the couple.

Personal highlights:

  • Neil getting drunk and singing
  • Livi giving Nike a surprise kiss in front of everyone
  • Livi and Kitora realising they’re both similar to each other and agreeing the faults of Nike

Episode 12

Livi shows how much he loves Nike
A happy end

Well this ended really nicely. The newly weds had their little trouble in paradise, with Nike’s grandma being stubborn about letting Nike go, in the end – a little help from Livi. That’s not to say there is a humorous moment when grandma called Livi an obnoxious brat. The biggest trouble for the newly weds came in the form of Livi having to work long hours all due to Bard’s partying ways. This put a strain on both of them. Nike feeling very lonely, as Livi was away from her.

I did like that last little touch of Livi comes riding in on white horse, being the proverbial white knight for Nike.

Conclusion: world is still beautiful, I found it enjoyable. Seeing the ups and downs and challenges which Livi and Nike had to face, realising their true feelings for each other towards the end. Only made them love each other that much more rewarding.

Personal highlights:

  • Livi being called an obnoxious brat
  • Nike’s grandma seeing them off
  • Livi wanting to kill Bard for his womanising ways

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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