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The world is still beautiful: Episode 9 and 10 Scribbles

Episode 9 & 10 of world is still beautiful

Episode 9

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Always listen to grandma!

A very fuzzy warm episode, with a little storm brewing on the horizon for Nike and Livi. Nike got called back to the principality of rain – due to the sudden “illness” of her grandmother. I put that in quotes, as that wasn’t the case. Just a ploy to get Nike back it seems. I found it quite amusing to Nike and Livi are working hard and haven’t had a vacation in awhile, with Bard being a work-a-holic. The other thing that really got me feeling a bit warm inside, is when Livi noticed the difference in the rain. He noticed that her feelings were different from his, but of course Livi being Livi criticising her for hiding that fact, got a small chuckle from me. The other small chuckle is the three old men, they were hoping for a vacation and got told they weren’t going – to the point that they just sat in their seats not moving. The other thing to note is that Livi is entrusting Bard with the kingdom in his absence.

When Livi and Neil got to met Nike’s older sister is just funny. Nike’s older sister was just so laid back and nonchalant with the two, that is was quite foreign to them. Where everything in the sun kingdom is formal, in the principality is just so laid back and informal. It was a bit of a culture shock for them I imagine. When it came to Nike’s other sisters. That got a loud chuckle from me. Poor Livi, normally he has his way or “toy” with people, not the other way round. First they think Neil is the sun king, then when they see Livi, they take off with him and have him do cute cat posses. I really liked how Nike and Livi are really coming much closer, their feelings whilst not apparent to them, is genuine – which is a dead give away when Livi first mentions it when he felt the difference in the rain when Nike sang it.

Overall: I liked this episode, it had a nice feel to it. As I noted the two are becoming more aware of each other’s feelings towards each other. The old men hoping to get a vacation, only for Livi to burst their hopes is quite funny, they just say there motionless. Livi and Neil aren’t quite custom to the lower pressure of the principality. Which is a nice nod, that not everyone are as adaptable.

Personal highlights:

  • Nike and Livi starting to fall deeply in love with each other
  • The three old men having their hopes dashed from having a vacation
  • Livi criticising Livi’s singing in the conference

Episode 10

Anime, Anime episode review, Sun Kingdom, Riviusu Oruvinusu Ifurikia, The world is still beautiful, world is still beautiful, romance, shoujo, Nike Lemercier, Nike Rumerushie, Livius Orvinus Ifrikia (Livius I), Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, action, adventure
Singing in the rain!!

The tension to the drama is building up. I think this isn’t as strong with Bard and Livi, but it’s setting it up nicely. I do get to see a potential glimpse to Nike being a wife to the “not so well” Livi. As she looks after him, as he struggles to adapt to the country’s weather. In a nice shot of the two, Nike and Livi decide to go out on a stroll under an umbrella, they’re still struggling to show their affections to each other openly. It’s around here where I get see Nike’s father. Who gives a small back story not only to the principality also Nike’s grandmother. Nike’s grandmother is the one that isolated the country, due to the fear of their special powers being exploited. There is some hidden animosity from Nike’s cousin Kitora towards Livi. Who hasn’t missed that intentional lingering look towards him.

I did get a laugh at the concert that the principal threw for Livi, with Neil not even knowing what a microphone is, or the sudden shock of seeing large swathes of screaming people, shouting for one of Nike’s sister performing. However, this seemed to be a ruse as the grandmother and Kitora had a plan. They drugged Nike and tried to drug Livi, with the intension of hypnotising Livi in to forgetting Nike. However, the plan backfired and Livi made his escape – the best part is actually seeing Neil doing some cool hand to hand combat, it got a whoop from me. Coming face to face with Nike’s grandmother. I did like the tension here, grandma questioning if Livi really is worthy of Nike’s hand and love by throwing the key in to the water.

Overall: pretty good episode, the animosity of Kitora towards suggests that he has unrequited feelings for Nike?. As there is some backstory given by the father. It certainly sets up towards the penultimate episode. How will Nike and Livi come out of this. And finally, Nike acknowledges her feelings.

Personal highlights:

  • Neil hand to hand combat
  • The concert, with Neil not knowing what a concert is
  • Nike not sure how to sort out her feelings and banging her head against a brick wall (foreshadowing maybe?)

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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