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The world is still beautiful: Episode 7 and 8 Scribbles

Episode 7 & 8 brings us some drama for Livi and Nike. This time, in the form of Livi’s uncle.

Episode 7

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Off to hold hands

Damn, this episode really upped the drama between Nike and Livi. In comparison to last episode, where Nike had her “rivalry” with Luna, which it wasn’t all that to be honest. I found it funny how Livi likes to ditch his paperwork now and again, despite giving off this no nonsense, all work aura. What made it even more funnier is that he got dressed up as a little loli girl. What makes it even more funnier, he does a good job of it. Livi quizzing Nike on how she knows that woman. It shows just the distance between he and the common people, in comparison to Nike who can mingle with the commoners and even loved by them. Ah we get to see those two characters from the very episode making a brief cameo. Which is nice, short but pretty pointless.

The real crux of the show is about the former prime minister Bard, Livi’s uncle. Bard is what Livi isn’t..yet. Charming, intelligent, shrewd, knows how to read people. There does seem to be some form of competition / rivalry between them. As when Bard is showing off his archery skills, Livi wanted to show that he can match it. Bard is also a player, he knows how to charm the ladies. Which is why I think Livi got really defensive with Nike. He kind of knows that Bard can take Nike off his hands and Nike will be swept along with Bard’s charms and leave him. Which is why Livi gave Nike a threat. Which going on to that, damn, Livi really showed his vindictive side. Scaring the living daylights out of Nike, as he really hasn’t shown her that side of him.

Overall: I really think this did the drama right, in comparison to the previous episode. The rivalry or rather animosity between Livi and his uncle is somewhat seen. I suspect that Livi is annoyed that Bard is good at everything naturally whilst he had to work for it, not only that Livi depended on him a bit. Which made it even more harder for him, as he probably saw Bard as a close ally that truly understood him.

Personal highlights:

  • Livi being dressed up as a loli girl
  • Nike being swept off her feet
  • Livi trying to compete with an over sized bow and arrow

Episode 8

Anime, Anime episode review, Sun Kingdom, Riviusu Oruvinusu Ifurikia, The world is still beautiful, world is still beautiful, romance, shoujo, Nike Lemercier, Nike Rumerushie, Livius Orvinus Ifrikia (Livius I), Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, action, adventure
Declaration of love

A come down from the high drama that was in episode 7. In this episode, the back story with Bard is shown. That Bard actually fell in love with Livi’s mother, which isn’t all that surprising considering Bard is depicted to be; a womanizer. So to meet the right woman, who “gets” him and the one he can’t have, I’m not all too surprised. In regards to Nike, Bard wanted to see if she is the right one for Livi. With his interaction with Nike, Bard is reminded of Livi’s mother – to a certain degree, at least I think that what’s he is implying. I do like that Nike is really annoyed with how Livi and Bard are, so with help from Neil she devises a plan to get the two characters together and talk things out.

I have to say the plan to get the two of them together is pretty amusing and surprising. She sings to cast rain, depending on the strength of the her song, she can make it rain heavy. It’s here that Livi and Bard are forced to talk things out. The reason why Livi is so antagonistic towards Bard is because he felt that Bard abandoned him, when he needed him the most – something that I semi noted in epi 7. The reason why Bard left is because how drastically Livi changed and the way he is – taking a hard stance on just about everything. The most hilarious part in this episode is Neil using binoculars to spy on Livi and Bard, whilst Nike sang for an entire hour just to keep them from leaving.

Overall: I didn’t feel strongly about this episode and just how much of a come down it is in comparison to episode 7. Tamer is the word I think I’m looking for. The pacing is quick, they showed some glimpses as to how Livi and Bard were. It’s nice that in the end, with help of Nike Livi and Bard were able to patch up their differences. I guess it was tied together in a nice pretty bow you could say

Personal highlights:

  • Livi and Bard still fighting over Nike, even when they patched up their differences
  • Nike singing for an hour, then looking up all shrivelled up
  • Neil in collusion with Nike in getting Bard and Livi together

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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