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[Best of] Final Impressions: Dragon Ball Super

Since airing way back in 2015. Dragon Ball Chou (Super) has finally come to an end. How did the long running series end for me?. Did Goku and co save the world whilst going back to their daily doldrums life.

dragon ball super final impression blog post

Ka Ka Kachi Daze!!!!!!!. Wow, after a whopping 131 episodes, DBS or Dragon Ball Chou has finally come to an end.

This series first aired way back in 2015. You can read my first initial impression on the series. That post was written almost 3 yrs ago.

Leading on from my first impression, dragon ball super essentially cut up two of it’s movies and practically made them for tv. The very first arc, battle of the gods is essentially bringing in the casual viewers that has not seen the movie or not been keeping up with the show for a long time. To help re-establish the characters, whether they are main or secondary. Needless to say, Piccolo and Gohan is just fodder at this point.

The second movie is resurrection F. This is bringing back an old time favourite villain and nemesis of Goku, that being Frieza. And he brings in a new power-up form, golden Frieza.

There are two main tourney arcs and a brand new arc featuring future Trunks. With some pointless fillers thrown in between.

Now I will be honest, the first tourney arc I skipped. So I really can’t say, however watching later episodes I kind of the got the gist that Beerus has a twin brother Champa. Now comes the brand new arc.

Black Goku arc. This arc had it all, intrigue and suspense. With what looked like a corrupted Goku. It had me guessing, did the famous line “you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain” finally come true for Goku?. Well, it sort of applies. It’s revealed that a Kai in training is the real villain. As to how he became Goku, spoilers…so not telling!.

In one sense, it’s great that this arc gives more precedence to future Trunks. He could have become a forgotten character after the whole Cell arc. But it’s nice the writers put him back in the fore front. Now here comes the worst aspect of this arc. The bloody ret-conning of Vegito and the potara earrings.

Now comes the final arc; the tourney of power (or powah!). I won’t spoil it for those that haven’t seen it yet. All I can say is, this dragon ball super arc is pretty much a treat for the long standing fans of the show. You could see what the wish will be from a mile away, however the winner of the tourney surprised me a lot. This arc also brought in two favourite OSTs. Limit break x survivor. And the insert song, when Goku gets a temporary transformation. And the title of the song is Ka Ka Kachi Daze – ultimate battle. Yes, the opening for this post.

The show in general had its ups and downs. The filler arcs were just out right boring and pointless. Art bounced up and down, from being animated really well, to at times pretty poor. Why they removed Buu from the tourney arc, is never explained. Just that’s is a “Buu thing”.

Despite some of the short comings, dragon ball super is a long standing series that I enjoyed.

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