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[Best of] Final Impressions: The Ancient Magus’s bride

For my final impression on the hit winter 2017 series. I look at the ancient magus’s bride. How I felt about the series and the characters. Did flower language shoot up because of this show?.

The ancient magus bride final impression blog post

A very neat and tidy ending. That’s how I can describe the ending to the ancient magus’s bride. And to be honest, it is worth it. The emotional journey of wanting Chise to find happiness and seeing her happiness is really nice. The journey came to a full circle, you can say.

When we first met Chise, she was a lonely, neglected young girl. Who felt like she wasn’t loved. And had no place in the world. That obviously changed. Throughout the first cour of magus’s bride, we see the emotional and mental aspect of Chise. From, a cynical, introverted person. Who was dependent on someone else to live – namely Elias. With each little adventure, we were shown specific flowers throughout the first cour. Each flower had a specific meaning, and in a way, it had an emotional meaning to Chise. I think this kind of helped her mentally. In, order to overcome her emotional scars. Move on from her past.

By, the second cour. The flower meanings were kicked to the kerb. And we see a more independent, assertive, happier Chise. She’s settled into her new environment and realised that there are people who actually care about her. And want to know her. The other thing I wanted to know more about is Chise’s past and not just some vague glimpses of it. So, after all this time in wanting to know why Chise’s mother tried to kill her, it’s actually quite sad. Her father is a right douche bag. At the same time, I sort of see why. Doesn’t excuse his actions though.

Elias is interesting. From the first cour, he has this mysterious background and where everyone is wary of him. Naturally, he gained this cynical, sarcastic attitude towards everyone. However, as we delved into his backstory in the second cour. It shows and doesn’t show. It shows how he became a magus, however it doesn’t explain how he came about. Since he isn’t exactly a human nor fae. The biggest thing it did show is Elias is very childish. Which, is quite amusing at times.

Through Chise did Elias learn to be more appreciative of others, through Elias did Chise learn to open up and love herself more. Both needed each other in some way. To help each other grow. That’s how I felt their relationship is.

There is one big inconsistency I found quite glaring, earlier on in the show we meet Titania. And well she is quite endowed to put it in a mild way. However, by the end, she’s flat chested. Looks like the studio missed that one. There are probably others, but I didn’t catch them.

I thoroughly enjoyed ancient magus’s bride. The first OP is just amazing. I loved Here. It really encapsulated the show. As said at the very beginning, ancient magus’s bride ended neat and tidy.

To end this post:

if you nurture a seed with care, eventually it will bloom in to a beautiful flower

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