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[Best of] Final Impressions: Net-juu no Susume

[Best of] A final impression for Net-juu no susume.

Normally I’d write a first impression post, however, I kind of or rather finished this anime off, before I knew it!. So no first impression post, it’s straight to the end. This post combines first and final impression. Even, though it’s my final impression post.


Moriko Morioka is a 30-year-old single NEET woman. After dropping out from reality, she has taken off in search for a fulfilling life and ended up in a net game or “netoge.”

The biggest question that has always been on the minds of male video gamers is: do female players actually exist in video games?. The answer is pretty simple: yes. However, they do a good job of hiding their gender*, for one simple reason. To, avoid getting hit on or harassed by toxic male players. They do this two ways. Either avoid the question (be vague or give a round about answer) or play the opposite gender. When doing character creation, that is.

However whenever a guy does this.. then *cue* in-joke male video game meme G.I.R.L which stands for: Guy In Real Life.

Yeah G.I.R.Ls really do exist in games!!

Now, this might not be the case for Moriko, however, the fact that she picked to play a male character suggests that she is sort of avoiding guys. The reason is never made clear. The character she created to play online is called Hayashi. And she made him look very handsome. Hayashi (Moriko) is soon befriending a player called Lily. A sweet, female character. Who isn’t what she appears.

Coincidently enough, a young chap by the name of Yuuta Sakurai is also playing the very same game Moriko is playing. And he bumped into her … quite literally. Coincident?. Not really. The main problem with net-juu is it overuses coincidences, or “met by chance” quite regularly. Even, though the chance of things happening for real is pretty slim. The number of coincidences can be grating to some, I didn’t really mind it. The enjoyment I got out of this show, over-rides it.

Now like most MMO/video game anime, they tend to focus on the game etc, net-juu isn’t that. What it really focuses on is the social aspect of MMO. That’s a big thing in MMO. Certain things aren’t that easily obtainable on your own, believe me, this coming from a 4-year seasoned GW2 player. Who solos most of the open-world stuff. But that’s going off on a tangent. A lot of video game/MMO anime, don’t focus on that aspect as much. I think the closest one that came to it is log horizon.

Net-juu did a good job of having the characters, characters avatars interacting with each other quite well. They even had the avatars of the characters, having their own voice. I like Moriko, I thought her character is nice. Too bad it doesn’t explain as to why she quit her job and live as a NEET. Sakurai….come on not EVERY British (or even half-British) guy is a tall blonde bloke. That perception seems a bit skewed. The other characters are just that, side characters. And well they do a good enough job of it. I do enjoy the OP of the show. The ending is okay.

If you like a show, where it isn’t about being trapped in an MMORPG world, then Net-juu is a nice alternative

*Note: Female streamers make it obvious as to what gender character(s) they are playing.

For me, the first impression of this anime:

Overall impression: Enjoyable



Alternatives: SAO, Log horizon, .Dot//hack

What are your impression of the anime?. Have you seen this anime, or do you plan to?. Let me down in the comment section!!.

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