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The Secluded Observe #8: Jamie Marchi “jokes” on twitter

Voice Actress Jaimie Marchi is in the firing line for a joke tweet made on twitter

Voice actress makes a distasteful twitter joke about school shootings, ended up in twitter’s firing line

Jamie Marchi

Jamie Marchi is a well known voice actress in the anime English dubbed world. Voicing multiple characters from popular shows. She’s also known for being one of the biggest detractors in the whole Vic Mignogna situation last year. Her vocalisation and accusation against Vic has split the fan base, either for or against the voice actress. However, recently she has gotten even more bolder in her opinions on twitter. Not too long ago she made a tweet that many of the fans found it to be distasteful in nature.

I actually got blocked by her hence the screen shot

You’d think in a country where school shooting is a major issue, she’d think twice before tweeting out such insensitive things. Naturally the fans called her out on it, however she just dismissed it, that she gets all the hate for.. get this for being a woman. No Jaimie, trying to bring in sexism doesn’t hold where insensitive tweets are made. Nor, is it free speech as you put it. If it was free speech then, why did she block me on twitter?. Funimation made no comment on the tweet made by her.

What do you think of this tweet or Jamie Marchi?.

Source: Matt in the Hatt

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