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The world is still beautiful: Episode 3 and 4 Scribbles

The world is still beautiful episode 3 & 4 scribbles. Seeing how the couples relationship is blossoming

Episode 3

Nike and Livius getting along peacefully
Isn’t this a lovely couple scene

This is the last episode where I stopped all those years ago. So after this episode on wards, it’s entirely new. The relationship between Nike and Livi blossomed quite in to something. I do feel the romance is a bit fast, after their little ups and downs, they should be getting to know each other a bit better. The pacing with their relationship is weird, is what I’m getting at. I would have thought by 4 episodes they’d be developing their feelings, not in a state of already in love but not realising it. I guess that’s just how shojou romance shows are?. I don’t know.

Seeing a butt naked Livi….isn’t something I’d call nice to see, he’s a kid. However, he does know how to defend his future wife. I did like that bit where Nike is getting called a “hayseed” in other words a lowly noble person by some of the other nobles, yet Livi steps in and puts them in their place. It’s also nice to see a little bit of how the rain song works via Nike’s grandmother, seeing in to the hearts of others. Also just going back to Livi, his butler has admitted that Nike is a calming presence to him. Just like the sounds of a light rain pattering – meaning that his harsh personality is soothed by the coolness of the rain.

Overall: I’m a bit stumped at the pace of the romance, however even if it is going fast, its really nice to see some development with Livi and Nike’s relationship and their interactions with each other. How they effect each another.

Personal highlights:

  • Nike freaking out seeing a butt naked Livi in the bed
  • Livi putting down the other nobles in defence of Nike
  • Nike singing that rain song with a cool outfit in the reveal party

Episode 4

Nike and Levi not happy with each other
“No you ain’t my type!”

Wow, this episode had some really unexpected things. For starters, I like how the royal designer says that Nike has to lose some weight. I mean come on, the girl is as fit as a fiddle, yet he wants her to lose some weight. I did find it funny that the maids had to dress Nike in to that dress, with some comical aspect of dressing her up. As for Levi, he was playing his usual chess matches with those that are in direct opposition to him. Trying to lure out those that are conspiring against him. And well the main opposition against Livi is not so surprising, though I did expect a rinky dink old geezer, not one that is younger and more charismatic.

Episode 4 did show the more darker aspect of the sun kingdom. And the underlying prejudices that any foreign or the lower class get from the upper and nobles. Basically all those in power. As it gave some back story as to why they don’t want Livi in power – he got rid of the class system and made changes to the way the kingdom is, how they saw Livi’s mother not being fit to rule or having the right blood. The other side of episode is just how far Nike is willing to go for Livi. Their marriage can’t go on ahead due to Raini the head priest objecting and insisting that Nike do the rite of illumination. Where princess have lost their lives.

Conclusion: I like this episode, it gave enough information as to why Livi is targeted and why he is not liked by all, it also showed the prejudices that is there in the kingdom. And how Livi is doing his best to stamp it out. At the same time, I’m not too happy how fast Nike got through the maze. She might as well used a teleport stone to get to the end.

Personal highlights:

  • Nike getting dressed up by the maids
  • The ring that Livi’s mother gave to give to the person he loves
  • The old men ogling at Nike “bustiness” in the magazine

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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