11 years on WordPress, answering bloggers questions on May 7th

As me questions for 11th year on wordpress platform.

Yes folks I’m not dead. I pretty much took an unofficial blog hiatus, which was unintended. But now I’m back. Just looking at the word press editor. Things have changed, not to worry I’ll get the hang of things.

So yes, 11 years and 4 blogs later, I’m still on this platform. Can’t believe it myself. I’m sure you folks that are beavering away on your blogs will surpass this record.

In the period I’ve been blogging, I never done a Q&A type of post. But since I would like to try new things, why not give this type of post a shot.

So folks, hit me with your best questions. And I’ll answer them in a blog post. I’ll try to hit the post date, though more than likely, it will probably go past the date xDD. I’ll pin this post, so you can leave your questions in the comment section. Or ask me on twitter.

21 replies on “11 years on WordPress, answering bloggers questions on May 7th”

SO many years….. I don’t believe I had a working brain 11 years ago. How has the landscape of blogging changed over these last 11 years? Do you think blogging/ having small blogs is kind of a dead art form now?

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Congratulations! ^^

Here’s my question (or scenario…):

A person you’ve never met is visiting you, what do you cook for them?

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Mallow congrats MAN!!! 11 years wow that is insane man. Kay I got two goodie questions for you 🙂

1. Is there anything that pushed you or experience to take the reins of blogging up?

2. Was is something you would like to see happen more in blogging community, more community good vibes, particular content?

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Congrats! 11 years the fools number! Well not in Tarrot but it still is!

Anyway here are some questions

Do you live alone, what type of home do you have.

Any noteworthy studies you are taking/took or career stories.

What is the funniest or strangest thing you have written in 11 years, doesnt have to be on the blog.

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