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Twitch follows pateron lead as Onision is banned

Twitch has now banned Onision, whilst the controversial YT gets an unexpected visit from Chris Hansen.

The online world of Onision is crumbling around him as twitch bans him and gets a visit from Chris Hansen

The online world of Onision is certainly crumbling around him, as yet another service has severed their ties to the controversial youtuber. Following on from my previous post on pateron banning him. Twitch have now followed their lead and have banned Onision.

And that much further in dethroning him from each platform where he can voice, but more importantly have influence

As reported by The Daily Dot on the 16/01/2020, it will be unclear as to how long this ban will be. From the looks of it however, he’s permanently banned as going to his twitch page gives the usual message “Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable”. Judging by the content he puts on youtube, I’d probably find his stream to be bland. So no loss there. But it is a loss to him though, as it hits his wallet further. And that much further in dethroning him from each platform where he can voice, but more importantly have influence. It’s still unclear as to why Youtube continues to keep him on the platform, despite numerous complaints and copyright abuse he usually gets away with. I’m only assuming YT is keeping him because of the high subscriber count he has a massed. Yet, if I were to look at the figures on his videos, it shows a massive dip of viewership. This from a 1.6 million subscriber count to what his videos get. Which are generally in the mere thousands.

Continuing with YT, his luck gets even better as yet another you tuber by the name of Chris Hansen paid a visit to his house. Well I’ll let Chris tell you how that confrontation went

Onision has the audacity to call 911 on Chris Hansen. From the 2nd video, all his claims are bogus. What has transpired from all this, is that Onision is actually suing Chris Hansen and his biggest you tube vocal critic, a gent who goes by the name of Repzion.

As has stated, Onion boi is suing Repzion and Chris Hansen in a civil court case. The court case will commence on January 24th.

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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3 replies on “Twitch follows pateron lead as Onision is banned”

I don’t follow much about this guy except for the fact from people that he is a creepy. I guess YT is allowing him to stay since he has a high following. I wonder how things are going to play out for him and Chris as they take it to court.

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