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Rise up to a gran fantasy which isn’t the sound of life

Did Hataage bring the belt or ring the bell?? was granblue a grand adventure or a blue fantasy. And did we the sound of life in kono??

Kono left with the right sounds, whilst Hataage rang the bell to its loss, and granblue isn’t a grand adventure

Took awhile to get this post out, but never the less here’s what I thought of the shows from my first impression post.

Kono Oto Tomare Season 2

When I first watched Kono Oto, I’ll admit I didn’t have such high expectations, against all odds, it really went against my expectation and I ended up really enjoying it!!!. To me it’s one of those sleeper hits. You either enjoy it, or you miss it. There are a few hic ups along the way, the most I wasn’t too happy about was the way Kurusu is introduced and handled. I do think there is a bit of a biasedness as Sakai (the chubby guy) isn’t really given much screen time or development, he’s seen as supporting character. Despite the other members like Sane or Kouta getting a bit of development. And they’re also supporting characters, which makes little sense. As I would have thought all the characters get at least some development.

The other issue that can be levied at Kono is more drama than the actual music played. And I agree, they did put more emphasis on the drama than what the show is based on; playing the koto and learning music, however it did a good job of tying itself back in to the what the show is about. Learning and improving oneself. And that’s the underlying message I found Kono Oto Tomare gave.

Rise up! Kemono Michi Hataage

I wasn’t all that impressed with the Hataage on my first impression, as it just uses the same old jokes over and over again. So not too surprising that I’m not all that impressed with how it ended. It ended pretty dumb, to be honest.

I mean normally you want to go back to your own world, but MAO and Genzo, just don’t seem that interested in going back to their own world. Which is dumb, Shigure’s quick rich schemes and then ending being poorer by the end of it, is amusing at first, then it becomes predictable. Not only that, stealing and then selling Heat Haze’s swords after getting close lined by Genzo got boring too. Speaking of other characters, Camilla in particular, being the punching bag for the shows kind of borders on cruelty. I didn’t mind Camilla at all. I thought she is the more interesting character. To make this short, its short burst of predictable gags are its strong points. After that it becomes fairly bland. It doesn’t even tell you the names of the wrestling moves used. I really enjoyed the OP, got me fist bumping to it. I mean who wouldn’t?.

Granblue Fantasy Season 2

I will say that I didn’t find season 2 very interesting. It had such a slow, boring start. By the 2nd half, the pacing was well off. It sped up much faster, even then it did nothing of interest. It asked and never answered.

At least there were some screen time given to the likes of Katalina and Rackam. As they deserved some backstory. However, I didn’t find them that interesting. Maybe Katalina’s, even then, it lacked some flare. The fight between Vira, I just couldn’t feel it. The Ferry arc, I’m guessing that tied in with the Halloween event that the game granblue had?. It was okay, and did give a little backstory to one of the side characters. In short, second season didn’t deliver on the character development I hoped it would give. The world building I’m actually quite intrigued by. Especially that last comment, it really wants to set up S3.

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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4 replies on “Rise up to a gran fantasy which isn’t the sound of life”

i think the criticism for granblue s2 is fair. they deviated fairly heavily from the game’s story, which to be fair isn’t all too much better. but the consequence was that they tried to jam stories from different islands in the game into a single island. as a result, characters like ferry and noa, who are the stars of their respective islands, have to vie for screen time. it’s really weird. honestly, id love to see the “what makes the sky blue” arc animated, but because it’s a story that really gets down to the lore behind the show’s setting and history. that sounds more like what you were looking for.

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