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Patreon bans Onision after doxing

Pateron has banned controversial YT Onision for doxing on twitter. He’s also under fire from quite a few other YT.

Onision known for his controversial behaviour is under fire from the YT community

Gregory “Onision” James Jackson

On November 26th 2019, The Verge reported that Onision has been banned from patreon on the allegations of doxing a woman.

Onision is a popular youtuber, appealing to a particular certain demographic – namely teens and young women. For years his behaviour have come under fire by most youtubers who have followed him. It has now transpired his actions and words have caught up to him, as 6 women have come forward over allegations of harassment and emotional abuse. The latest victim coming out is Sarah.

Onision has a string of allegations against him. He is accused of doxing Billie

Onision has a string of allegations against him. In regards to the report, this is against his husband Kai (FTM, once known as Lainey) former partner Billie Dawn Webb. Billie, who is a former fan of Onision, with the idea of Kai and she getting in a polygamous relationship. What actually transpired is that Onision engineered this as he also wanted to have a sexual relationship with Billie. As time past, their relationship ended tumultuously. With Billie now being in the spot light again, as it her phone number that was screen shot in a private exchange between the two on twitter. This goes against Twitters policy.

To note that screenshots aren’t against twitter policy, but those that include phone numbers, email address without consent are. The offending tweet was removed before twitter could take any actions.

Patreon are not as lenient. They take doxing a serious matter

Patreon, are not as lenient. As they take doxing a serious matter, regardless of what platform its on. Before being banned, Onision had 560 paterons. In response to this Onision claims confusion to the ban as he states that “that they [Billie] broke up in 2016 and she has been upset with him since then. And I only posted screenshots that compliment our relationship, all those years ago. Expressing sadness as to how it ended that way”.

As stated above, 6 women have come out all stating abusive relationships with Onision and his husband Kai. With Sarah, stating that they befriend people online and then pressure them in situations that they aren’t comfortable with. It should also be noted that Kai could be investigated under grooming allegations. As fans, who are minors are targeted by both Kai and Onision. Sarah being the most notable one – since Kai was her legal guardian when Sarah was just a minor. Sarah also alleges that after turning of legal age, Onision had sexual relations with her and then emotionally abused her. The women are harassed online after the falling out, with private information being shared on Onision YT channel.

YouTube have taken no action, despite numerous complaints made against him. What is quite interesting is that some youtubers have had their videos false copyright claim by Onision, when discussing the controversy surrounding him.

For essential reading on Onision, here is a link: The life of Onion

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He’s caught the attention of Chris Hansen, the dude who did how to catch a predator. I think in the interview with Billie, he mentioned the fbi are now interested


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