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Secluded Observing in the distant blogging future

What the future holds for ma’ little blog

What the future beholds and sees

So what holds the future for my little blog.

Well it’s been over a year (2018) since I restarted my blogging adventure (much to the annoyance and chargin of others). As many will know, I’ve been around the blogging sphere for about 10 yrs. With 4 blogs now under my belt, I’ve made it to the big boys!!! – not really. Where long standing bloggers delete and restart their journey with new enthusiasm on each one, only to hit new obstacles. With the laid back approach and very breezy posting schedule I gave myself, I guess I really haven’t hit any obstacles – till now.

Deciding on what this blog really is

As you know my blog, deals with video games and anime. Along with some other types of posts, that are fun to write up. However, I’ve mentioned this on another post before. My blog does lack an identity or rather it doesn’t know what it wants to be. Does it want to be an anime blog, with video games on the side, video games with anime on the side. A news type outlet. Or just a mixture of the forementioned.

Well I’ve been thinking, and well. I’ve decided to go back to my roots. I’ll be focusing on anime as my primary: this already includes first & final impression and the random thought(s) (whether it is responding to another bloggers) posts. I really enjoy doing stuff like The secluded observe, as it covers stories from the world of anime and videogames. I feel like a journalist, lol. Granted this is a smaller type of content that will comes out, as it will be the same type of posts, that can bore whoever comes on to my blog. As I’ve said, stats these days don’t bother me. Which is a good thing. Plus I’m more free to do other types of posts. Now that I’m going back to my roots, I think I’ll bring back something that always holds in my memories.

Something that I dropped back in 2019. I haven’t decided on when or how often they will posted but I hope to do this:

That’s right, episode reviews are coming back. But in a more casual, non review form. In essence, they’re more like my impressions post. Only the idea is to be a bit more consistent than the impressions post. If this all sounds too whimsical, then you’d be right in thinking that.

The only caveat is; it won’t be current shows, rather shows that are finished. So basically in that waffle; anime epi scribbles, first and final posts with news stories and misc. posts will be my focus.

Now there is something that’s been on my mind

Undying will to blog

It isn’t surprising to read or come across bloggers that are frustrated. Just recently, Cactus matt, mirror purple and Yuu have expressed their frustration. Even I’ve been frustrated with how my old blog went. It echo’s what they expressed. Mostly readers not really reading or even interacting with them, for someone like me, who has helped semi established or lesser known bloggers by promoting via tweets, commenting and making a conscious decision to nominate them in blog awards. It stung a lot more.

If it’s heavily one sided – it isn’t fun. I can’t force everyone to hold hands and sing kumbaya’s around the blog camp together. I think even if people don’t read your blog posts, even if they don’t come on to your blog and comment. It’s alright, just remember why you started to blog. Focus on your blog, and don’t think about stats, or whether someone will leave a comment on it. Have fun blogging.

When I was friendless in guild wars 2; I was seriously down by it. Everyone left the game and I had nothing but grey names on my list. I asked my then 16 yr old nephew this; should I leave an account that I’ve had and invested in (time and money) for 5yrs and start anew. The words he said to me, helped me. This is what he said; if they come on, they come on. They don’t, then they don’t. That shouldn’t stop you from doing what you’re doing.

This is the same advice I’ll pass on to you. Whether someone leaves a comment or not, don’t let it stop you from blogging. If they do, cool, if they don’t, cool. You want your thoughts to be posted somewhere. And your blog is the place to do it.

I do understand that you are investing your own time. And you want that to be rewarded.

If all that sounded like a load of waffle, then I guess I didn’t explain it well. I’m trying to be diplomatic on this – give me a break!!.

Trying to be more open

For the final part. This might be shorter. As you’ve noticed, for years I’ve always hidden behind a veil. Heck my pen name Rocco B isn’t my real name. It’s a nickname my nephew gave me. One which I ran with. Mallow obviously isn’t a real name either. If you want to know my real name, well if you look at the footer of my blog, I know no one really looks at it. You’ll notice that the very first thing you see is author and disclaimer. Right there is my real name, Rokib or Rok for short. I’ve also did a face reveal on twitter and an audio recording, which you can find it on this post.

Here’s the offending tweet:

Look at the scary looking, fuzzy faced, dude

Bonus reveal. Since I’m doing face reveals, and if you’re ever reading this FORGIVE ME TY!! send some love to the lovely Ty over watashiwabucho blog

I’ll try to be more open. I do like recording audio stuff more than doing face stuff. So is there a chance for a solo podcast down the line?, I can’t say. Wouldn’t mind though. At the moment, reading and recording lore from guild wars 2 is something I’m focused on right now.

And I guess, that’s it. Thanks to all for taking the time to comment on my blog(s) through out the year(s). It’s always fun in interacting with you guys, even when I feel frustrated at times, you peeps make me realise that there is a light. Even when I don’t see it at first, just know I’ll always find my way back.

in a constant flux of death and rebirth, a star will always shine and light the way

Happy 2020, and to best in whatever you want to achieve in your blogging.

Scribble down, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

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